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Hi, friends! Hope you’re having a great start to September! I’ve started seeing Halloween stuff being sold in stores and I just can’t believe it’s that late into the year already. After Halloween, it’ll be Thanksgiving. And then after Thanksgiving, it’ll be Christmas! Like that is just absolutely crazy to me. I’ve started seeing Christmas things on Pinterest already and I’m just like omg I can’t even think about Christmas yet LOL.

The only thing that’s on my mind is my upcoming trip to Tokyo next month! For those of you who don’t know, I used to live in Japan, so it’ll feel so good to be back and eat some authentic Japanese food!

Today’s post will be all about highlighters YAY! How many of you are obsessed with highlighters?! I know I am! And I’m pretty sure most of the beauty world is. I mean, who doesn’t want to glow?

If you’re like me, you probably have tons of highlighters. Even though I know I have more than anyone probably needs, it seems like every time I make a makeup purchase, a highlighter lands in my cart. Who else has the same problem? With only one face, some will inevitably be used less than others and some may even be forgotten about! So, wouldn’t it be great if we could re-purpose them somehow?

Aside from the normal uses of highlighter that we all know about – highlighting the cheek bone, brow bone, above the brow on the forehead, middle of the nose, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, and chin – today I will share 5 different ways that you can use highlighter!


So without further ado, let’s get started!

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I’ve been really loving the glow trend that’s going on right now, but I really struggled figuring out how to really GLOW everywhere aside from the top of my cheekbones and without looking like a disco ball. So, most of these tips are ways to get that glow-from-within look that makes you look absolutely radiant!


1. Bronzer Topper

I’m sure you probably have a highlighter palette that has a shade that is too dark for you to use in the usual places to highlight. This is the perfect shade to use for a bronzer topper.

I love to top the bronzer that I put on my forehead and temples with a dark gold highlighter and this creates the most beautiful sun-kissed glow. I also top the bronzer on my cheeks with highlighter, but that might not be for everyone, especially if you’re concerned with emphasizing texture on your cheeks. I love it, though!

To ensure you don’t go too crazy with the application of highlighter on top of your bronzer (and end up looking like a disco ball), I’d recommend using a fluffy brush that isn’t very dense. With this type of brush, you’ll just be sweeping highlighter in those areas instead of having a concentrated application. I honestly just use the same exact brush that I used for my bronzer.

What I Use:
Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powder in Golden Flower Crown: Wet n Wild | Amazon
Lancome Dual Finish Multi-Tasking Illuminating Highlighter in Dazzling Bronze: Sephora | Amazon

2. Blush Topper

Topping your blush with highlighter is perfect if you love a shimmery blush. I already use shimmery blush most of the time, but I still add highlighter on top of it. It creates a really healthy and youthful glow, which I am a fan of.

Or, you know that red flush you get after working out that somehow makes you look like a beautiful glowing goddess? This is a great trick to recreate that type of glow.

Just like the bronzer, I’d recommend using a fluffy brush to lightly sweep the highlighter over the areas that you applied the blush. And also just like the bronzer, I use the same brush that I used to apply my blush.

In addition to making you glow like a goddess, this is also a great way to change up the color of your blush. Only have one blush? No problem! Take a light sweep of a champagne gold highlighter on top of a pink blush and boom, you have a peachy pink blush with shimmer. There are tons of options you can try out, get creative! Any type of shimmery eyeshadow can also work as highlighter. Want a duo-chrome blush? Just choose one of your shimmery eyeshadows to thrown on top of your blush!

What I Use:
Wet n Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powder in Blossom Glow: Wet n Wild | Amazon

3. Radiant Setting Powder

Have you seen that a bunch of brands come out with radiant/illuminating setting powders recently? Laura Mercier just came out with a Glow version of their popular translucent setting powder. Basically, it’s just super fine reflective pigments mixed in with the powder.

Rather than buying a new powder to try this out, take a small amount of loose powder highlighter and mix it into your regular loose setting powder. Or, if you don’t mind destroying a pressed powder highlighter, you can always scrape some of it off to mix into your loose setting powder.

I’m a huge fan on radiant setting powders because I don’t like looking really matte and powdery, BUT I don’t like being dewy. I like all parts of my face to be dry to the touch, but appear luminous. And a radiant setting powder is the perfect way to achieve that.


4. Foundation Mixer

I’ve been mixing liquid highlighter into my liquid foundation for a few months now and I LOVE it. I love having an extra bit of radiance added all over my face, especially if I’m using a matte full-coverage foundation. It makes my skin look so much more natural without making it look dewy/oily.

In addition to mixing it into my liquid foundation, I like to put liquid highlighter all over my face before foundation. This is most likely because I’m extra AF. But really, if you want to REALLY glow, this is the trick. It’ll make you glow even if you’re using full-coverage foundation, without sacrificing coverage or longevity.

What I Use:
Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter: Sephora | Amazon
Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Starlight or Champagne: Amazon | Ulta | Makeup Revolution

5. Lip Topper

Rather than buying a shimmer/metallic lip topper that you’ll probably only really use on special occasions, why not make your own?

After applying your lipstick, just take a bit of highlighter on your fingertip and tap it onto your lips, then blend it out. This will work really well with liquid highlighter just because of the consistency, but it can also work with powder highlighter – you’ll just be able to feel the powder on your lips. For extra shine and comfort, you can always add a gloss on top of it!


And those are 5 different ways you can use highlighter, my friends! What I love so much about makeup is that you can really get creative with it – you don’t always have to use a product in the way they’re meant to! (I’m pretty sure liquid highlighter is not meant to be smeared all over my face, but I do it anyway LOL.)

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them? Am I absolutely crazy for doing these things? LOL, please let me know your thoughts down in the comments. :)

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Thanks for reading and until next time! <3


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