ColourPop Jelly Much Shadows - Review and Swatches

Hello my friends! Hope you are having a great start to September! For my American friends, hope you had a fun Labor Day weekend! Did you do anything fun? I did a lot of photo taking for my blog LOL. Yay fun.

For today’s post I’ll be featuring ColourPop’s new Jelly Much shadows. When I first saw this on their website, it looked so weird that I just had to have them. So, I bought all of them. There are only 8 shades out right now so don’t worry, I didn’t go absolutely crazy.


Description from ColourPop’s website:

One of our most innovative formulas yet. Jelly Much delivers extremely high impact looks in a single swipe. Super longwearing, it won’t crease, fade, or transfer; dries down to a powder finish with zero fall out. Here to stay and here to slay! Its unique water-based formula saturates the pigment for immediate intense color right on application. No need to fuss with wetting your makeup brush or using a primer, you’ll get the look of intense shadow right from the pot.


$8.00 each

Net weight:

0.23 oz (6.5 g)


Bungalow: metallic vibrant peacock teal
Foxes: metallic rich amber gold
Half Moon: duochrome plum with a frost green & blue flip
Once & Floral: metallic bright pinky copper
Origami: metallic bright yellow gold
Short Circuit: metallic bronzed copper
Ventura: holographic opal with a violet duochrome flip
We Jammin’: metallic soft gold

First of all, how weird do they look?! When I first opened it, I was like a kid in a candy shop and I had to stick my finger in it LOL.



The Jelly Much shadow comes in a small plastic jar, similar to one that a gel liner would come in. There is also an inner lid with a sticker on it that reads, “keep me.” I’m guessing they will dry out if exposed to enough air.


The consistency is very much like jelly – true to its name. I thought it would be a little more like a gel or a really thick syrup and that if you tip the jar to one side, you’d see it moving towards that side. However, the Jelly Much shadow really sticks to itself and if I turn the entire jar upside down, it won’t fall out. If I tap the top of the shadow, it feels really spongy and jiggly. It’s really fun to play with, I’m not gonna lie.



One of the things I like most about the Jelly Much shadows is that they perform SO WELL with a brush. As much as I love the ColourPop Super Shock shadows, my one qualm with it is that they perform so much better when applied with a finger.

The Jelly Much shadows give you crazy pigmentation with a brush and that allows you to get a much more precise application. You can totally apply it with a finger, too, especially if you want to just do a quick swipe across your entire lid with it. It’ll be messy, though. Just the consistency of the Jelly Much shadows make it a bit messy.

These shadows do dry down fairly fast, so if you’re building it up, I’d definitely try to work quickly. I found that if you try to layer it when the shadow is half-dry, it’s easy for it to bunch up and just get really messy looking. These shadows are definitely not ‘slowly-build-up’ shadows like pressed powder shadows. Best practice would be to try to apply an even layer on the desired area.



One of the things I was most curious about was how well the Jelly Much shadows would blend out. And I was pleasantly surprised! Continuing on what I said in the above section about the best practice to apply these shadows would be to apply an even layer in the desired area – I bet you’re thinking, “wouldn’t that leave a super harsh line?” And you’re absolutely right!

However, once the Jelly Much shadows have dried down to a powder finish, it’s super easy to take a blending brush with a transition shade and blend out the harsh edges. It’s actually surprisingly easy to blend out given the consistency of the shadow. Major plus.



Much like the Super Shock shadows, the Jelly Much shadows stays put all day without any creasing. ColourPop really has created magic with this formula. I love how I can put on a vibrant shade at 6 in the morning and have it still looking just as vibrant at dinnertime. It’s amazing.


Shades and Swatches

There are currently 8 shades in the Jelly Much Collection (dying for more though):

Top Row, L-R: Short Circuit, Half Moon, We Jammin', Ventura
Bottom Row, L-R: Origami, Bungalow, Foxes, Once & Floral

Swatches in same order as above, taken in two different types of light:

Beautiful, aren’t they? You definitely get intense color, like ColourPop claims, with most of the shades. The only one I had trouble swatching was Ventura (last one in top row). I think the reason for that is just because the nature of the shade is holographic so it’s hard to get a really even application.


Overall thoughts

MAJOR WIN. I’m in love with these shadows. The idea is so innovative and I love how intense they are with very little effort. I can see myself using these all the time, without question. If you haven’t gotten your hands on these yet, what are you waiting for?! Go get it!

Buy it here: ColourPop
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ColourPop has really just been killing it lately with all of their products. I honestly can't think of a better brand at the same price point. It's crazy how they can produce such great quality products and still keep the prices so low.

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And that's it for my review of ColourPop's new Jelly Much shadows! Have you tried them yet? What do you think of them? Be sure to let me know down in the comments. :)

Thank you so much for reading and until next time! <3


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ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadows - Review and Swatches
ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadows - Review and Swatches
ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadows - Review and Swatches
ColourPop Cosmetics Jelly Much Shadows - Review and Swatches

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