ColourPop Cosmetics x Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette - Review and Swatches

ColourPop x Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette Review & Swatches

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I’m normally the worst person when it comes to Christmas shopping and put it off until the last minute. But, I have at least already started on my shopping this year and I’m very proud of myself for that!

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Anywaysss, as you can tell by the title of this post, today I’ll be reviewing the ColourPop x Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette. This palette is pretty new as it was released just about a month ago. And when I first saw the teaser for it, I knew I had to have it!

It sure has been a while since I’ve done an eyeshadow palette review, hasn’t it?! I think the last one I did was on the ColourPop Double Entendre Palette and that was back in May! We are long overdue for an eyeshadow palette review!

This will actually be the first of many ColourPop pallete reviews that I have planned. They keep coming out with new stuff and I keep buying them! What can I say? I really do love ColourPop!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Description from ColourPop:

Shades that enhance your natural beauty with just a sprinkle of Brown Sugar. Add dimension with 6 matte shadows and a pop of glitz with 3 metallic shades. Works amazing alone to create cool or warm neutral looks or together with your favorite colourful palette for transitions and depth. She's your new go-to!

Highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. This long wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Shade finishes: Matte, Metallic

Let’s break down the numbers of the Brown Sugar Palette:

  • Cost: $12

  • 9 different shadows

  • Net weight of each shadow: 1.10 g (0.04 oz)

  • Cost of each shadow: ~$1.33

  • Net weight of entire palette: 9.9 g (0.36 oz)

  • Cost per gram: ~$1.21

  • Cost per ounce: ~$33.33


Chai: matte soft yellow beige
Jamocha: matte mid-tone yellow brown
Amber: matte muted rust orange
Ginger: metallic golden peach
Auburn: metallic warm bronze
Sauté: metallic icy brown with a green and gold duochrome sheen
Sorrel: matte deep cool brown
Henna: matte charcoal brown
Choc: matte reddish brown


Brown Sugar Palette SWATCHES

(two different types of lighting)

First Row, L-R

Chai, Jamocha, Amber

Second Row, L-R

Ginger, Auburn, Sauté

Third Row, L-R

Sorrel, Henna, Choc


Brown Sugar Palette Review


The shadows are arranged in a dark brown plastic casing, which is different from their standard cardboard palettes. However, after having a look at all of their palettes on their website, it seems like this plastic casing is the standard for their 9-shade palettes.

A mirror is also included in this palette! I really like when a palette has a mirror because it makes it so functional to travel with. Not all ColourPop palettes come with a mirror, so I’m glad to see it in this one.

The graphic design of the palette really gives me 70s Austin Power vibes LOL. Do you know what I mean? For some reason, I picture Beyonce in her Austin Powers Goldmember outfit every time I look at this palette.

The shades names are also printed on the back of the palette and on the back of the cardboard box.


ColouPop shadows normally don’t swatch the best, and this one is no different. Some of the matte shades swatched a bit patchy and not as pigmented as they look in the pan, so I had to layer the swatches.

However, the metallic shades all swatched beautifully and they seriously feel amazing to the touch. They are all so smooth and velvety.

But, when it comes to swatching, it’s important to note that you can’t always tell how an eyeshadow will perform just from swatching it. Swatches are a great way to feel the texture of the shadow and to get an idea of how the shade will look on your skin tone. But, the only way you can really test out an eyeshadow is to put it on!

And in true ColourPop fashion, despite the unimpressive matte shade swatches, they all work amazingly on the lid. There’s lot of color payoff in each shade and they all blend out effortlessly without any weird patchiness.

I’m really a fan of how ColourPop presses their matte shadows – I never feel like they are too powdery with a lot of fallout nor too tightly packed where it’s hard to get any pigment on the brush. They have found a very happy medium.  


They are so amazing. I like to apply them to my lid with a fingertip (in pressing/packing motions)  to get the maximum pigmentation and opacity. But, a flat dampened brushed would also work well to pack it on the lid.

You will not be let down.

They last so long on the lid without flaking off or fading, and with very minimal creasing. The formula of the metallic shades is definitely one of the best you’re going to find, even amongst luxury brands.



For only having 9 shades in the Brown Sugar Palette, it is one of the most well-rounded palettes around for everyday use.

There’s an earthy neutral vibe to this palette, which makes it different than all of the warm-toned palettes on the market and much more wearable on a daily basis.

With the inclusion of some cooler-toned shades like Sorrel (matte deep cool brown) and Henna (matte charcoal brown), it’s easy to see the versatility in this palette.  

You can easily do a natural warm summery look with the shades Chai, Amber, and Ginger. AND you can easily do a cool smoky eye with Jamocha, Sorrel, Henna, and Saute.

The versatility in this palette even shines through with the metallic shades. With almost any combination of matte shades in this palette, you can use any of the metallic shades on the lid.

I literally want to bathe in all of the metallic shades. They are so gourgeous!!

Another great feature of this palette is that it can be used as kind of your “necessities” palette. If you have a palette that every shade is metallic (like the ColourPop Golden State of Mind Palette), you can use the mattes in this palette as transition shades and to create depth in the outer corner.

Likewise, if you have a palette with crazy bright shades, but no transition or depth shades, the Brown Sugar Palette has got you covered.

Other remarks:

I know I said in my Double Entendre Palette Review that it was the perfect palette for everyday use. WELL, I have the exact same sentiment about this palette! They both really are great!

I would recommend the Brown Sugar Palette for those who are not looking for that much warmth in a palette, but don’t want a completely neutral or cool-toned palette.

And like I mentioned earlier, this palette is so handy for traveling! It’s compact, comes with a mirror, and is versatile enough that you won’t need anything else.



I am totally giving this palette a 5/5.

ColourPop and Karrueche did such a great job in selecting shades that can really work for so many looks. And with only 9 shades! It’s easy to say a 35-shade palette is versatile because there are literally so many shades, but it’s not always easy for a 9-shade palette to be so versatile.

The quality of ColourPop shadows never disappoint me and this palette is no different! You really can’t beat such great quality for such an affordable price.

Buy it here: ColourPop
Get $5 off your first purchase from ColourPop here.

And with that, my friends, I shall end this review. Have you tried this palette? If so, what do you think of it? Be sure to let me know down in the comments!


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Have you seen the new ColourPop x Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette? Find out why you need this palette in your collection! It’s a great everyday eyeshadow palette that’s so affordable! #makeup #colourpop #eyeshadowpalette #review #swatches
Have you seen the new ColourPop x Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette? Find out why you need this palette in your collection! It’s a great everyday eyeshadow palette that’s so affordable! #makeup #colourpop #eyeshadowpalette #review #swatches

ColourPop Karrueche Brown Sugar Palette Review and Swatches