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Hi, friends! I can hardly believe that August is already over. I say this every month, but time really does fly by! It’s kind of funny, though – in the present, I never feel like time is going by quickly. I never think to myself after a day of work, “today flew by so quickly!” In fact, I always think to myself on Mondays, “how am I going to make it through this week?” and then on Fridays, I always think to myself, “how did I make it through this week?” But, when I look back on the month, it definitely feels like it flew by. Do you feel that way, too?

Anywaysss, today’s post will be about my favorite beauty products from the month of August! A lot of the products on today’s list were already mentioned before on my Ulta Beauty Haul, so I’m thrilled that so many of those new products worked out for me! Also, for my beauty-on-a-budget friends out there, I’m glad to say that most of the items on this list are from the drugstore! Yay! I know I love good makeup for cheap!


So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Catrice – Sun Lover Glow Bronzing Powder | $8.99

Out of all the bronzers I bought in my recent Ulta Haul, I find myself reaching for this one the most. I love how it has a hint of shimmer in it that really makes it look like I’m glowing. Although I don’t have any problem using it on my cheeks because I’m living for the all-over glow right now, I know some people won’t like to do that because of the shimmer.

However, using it on your forehead and temples is a MUST. Think about wherever you would naturally tan and those are the areas this bronzer is made for. Would not recommend for contouring, though! Rule of thumb: don’t use anything shimmery for contouring.

Shop Now: Ulta | Catrice | Amazon

Makeup Revolution – Conceal & Define Full Coverage Conceal & Contour | $7

What a mouthful of a name! This concealer shook the beauty world pretty hard earlier this year with some saying that it’s a dupe for the beloved Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Well, since it’s in this post, you know I like it!

I would say it’s pretty full coverage, but it’s definitely not as full coverage as Tarte Shape Tape and it isn’t as thick, either. However, not comparing it to Tarte Shape Tape, it’s a great concealer! It has good coverage, it’s easy to blend, and I don’t experience much creasing at all with it (with setting it, of course). 

I would recommend going a bit lighter that what you would normally get for a concealer, because in my experience, it oxidizes. I have two of the three lightest shades (C1 and C2 - C0.5 is too pink of an undertone) and I still wish there was a lighter shade for highlighting under my eyes.  I may be pretty fair, but I’m definitely not the fairest out there.

Shop Now: Ulta | Amazon | Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution – Fast Base Stick Foundation | $9

Yooo I love this foundation. Even before writing today’s post, the Fast Base Stick Foundation already made its way into my Holy Grails post, even though I just got it during my Ulta Haul. That’s how much I love it!! It’s super creamy, easy to apply and blend out, and has great buildable coverage. One thing to be aware of is that the product is super soft! I totally smashed it the first time I applied it. It’s not as firm as the Hourglass Vanish Stick.

I’m a huge fan of the finish. It’s definitely not a matte finish and is on the dewy side. After setting it with loose powder, it becomes a super natural skin-like finish because it started off so wet-looking. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for those with oily skin, but if you have dry skin, you’re going to love this!


Makeup Revolution – Reloaded Palette in Iconic Fever | $7

This is another ridiculously amazing product from Makeup Revolution for a ridiculously cheap price! Like, $7?! Come on. That’s out of this world. And just like the Fast Base Stick Foundation, the Reloaded Palette in Iconic Fever has already made it into my list of Holy Grails even though I just got it during my Ulta Haul.

The quality of the matte shades in this palette rivals some of the best palettes out there. They are really pigmented (especially for the price) and they blend out beautifully. The shimmer shades could be better, but that’s definitely not a deal breaker for me at all when the entire thing costs $7.

*Tip: Makeup Revolution sometimes goes on sale at Ulta. I bought one of these palettes (different shades) for 30% off! So keep an eye out for those sales!

Yes, I realize I forgot to put this palette in my main photo. :(


Flower Beauty – Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray| $10.99

Guess where I got this product? I’ll wait… You guessed it right! I got it during my recent Ulta Haul! LOL. If you read that post, then you know that Flower Beauty is a brand that I’ve been super curious about lately. I mean, hello… it’s Drew Barrymore’s brand after all! AND it’s an affordable celebrity makeup line. I’m normally not one to jump on celebrity-made products right away, but I’ve heard enough good things about this brand to make me want to try out many of their products.

This setting spray is REALLY good. This is another product that has already made it into my list of Holy Grails. First of all, it smells really nice. And it performs just as well as the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray in my opinion… I haven’t tested it out in extreme conditions where I’m sweating, but how often am I really in extreme conditions that I’m sweating? Hardly ever LOL.  

I really like that this is a hydrating spray because it puts back moisture into the skin that may have been lost with all the powder from setting/baking (and I use powder bronzer, contour, and blush so that’s a lot of powder!). It’s also great for a mid-day pick-me-up if you feel like your makeup needs to be refreshed.

Shop Now: Ulta | Amazon | Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty – Miracle Glow Satin Finishing Powder | $10.99

I have been really enjoying this powder from Flower Beauty, also from my Ulta Haul! (Okay, this is the last time I'm going to say Ulta Haul, I promise.) It's a really fine powder with tiny reflective particles in it that leave a radiant finish instead of the matte powdery finish that lots of loose powders leave you with. I’ve been absolutely loving it! If you look really closely at your skin after applying this powder, you might see tiny pieces of glitter, but I like that. 

The packaging is horrible, though. It's too bulky and hard to open. It actually comes with a sifter, but I removed it to make accessing the powder a little easier. I usually pour out powder into the lid when there is a sifter, but that didn't work out very well with this lid, so now I just dunk my sponge straight into the powder LOL. Probably not the most hygienic.

I read some reviews on Ulta that state it’s not a good powder for baking and I totally agree. This is a finishing powder and definitely not meant for baking.

Shop Now: Ulta | Amazon | Flower Beauty

Laura Mercier – Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze 03 | $42

c/o Laura Mercier via Octoly

Similar to the Catrice bronzer mentioned above, the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze 03 does any amazing job of giving me a radiant, sun-kissed type of glow. It’s a tad warmer than the Catrice bronzer and slightly less shimmery, which makes a very natural looking finish. It’s also super easy to build up for more color or diffuse by blending it out more.

I don’t know about the name ‘Matte Radiance’ though… isn’t that contradictory? LOL regardless, it’s a beautiful bronzing powder. Also, I have no idea if it’s actually meant to be a bronzer. I think it’s one of those powders that you can do whatever you want with! There is one highlight shade and four bronze shades, but the description on Sephora kind of sounds like it’s an all-over face powder… *shrugs* That just proves that with makeup, do what works best for you! :)  


Malie Organics – Illuminating Moisturizer | $46

c/o Malie Organics

I’m so excited to be mentioning this brand because it’s a local brand from Hawaii! Malie Organics is based out of Poipu, Kauai that offers luxurious spa-like products that’ll make you feel like you’re vacationing in Hawaii.

My favorite of their skincare products (so far) is the Illuminating Moisturizer. I’ve been having trouble with my skin recently and it seemed like no matter what I did, I was continuously breaking out and my skin was extra dry and flaky. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this Illuminating Moisturizer absolutely revived my skin in a matter of days. My skin was noticeably softer, smoother, and it wasn’t breaking out like crazy anymore.

Shop Now: Malie Organics


Malie Organics – Plumeria Island Ambiance Reed Diffuser | $ 73

c/o Malie Organics

This isn’t a beauty item, but I couldn’t leave it out of this post because I am absolutely obsessed with it! The Plumeria Island Ambiance Reed Diffuser from Malie Organics smells SOOOO amazing. If you’re into tropical floral scents, this one is for you. Can’t ignore the fact that the bottle is so pretty, too! I’ve had it open for about a month now and look at how much is left! It looks like barely any of it was used up, so it’ll last ages! According to their website, it’ll last over a year!

Shop Now: Malie Organics | Amazon

And that’s it for my favorites of August! Have you tried any of the products? Be sure to let me know what you think of them down below in the comments. :)

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Thanks for reading and until next time. <3


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