2018 Mid-Year Favorites - Drugstore Edition

Hi, friends! Happy July! Instead of doing my usual Monthly Favorites post for June, I decided it would be fun to round up my absolute favorite products from the first half of the year.

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out my favorite luxury/high-end products from the first half of the year: Mid-Year Favorites: Luxury Edition

Today’s post will be focused on my favorite drugstore/affordable products from this year, so far.

As with the Luxury Edition, this list will only include my ULTIMATE favorites of the products I’ve tried in 2018 (or at the very latest, the ending of 2017).

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Physicians FormulaButter Bronzer in Bronzer

Even though the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula is not a 2018 addition to my makeup addition, the shade Bronzer is!

Up until a few months ago, I was using the shade Light Bronzer, but it got destroyed in my luggage while traveling. :(

I recently purchased the shade Bronzer because I’ve been feeling a more sun-kissed look lately and I’ve been wanting to get away from the ‘pale’ look I often have LOL.

Knowing that I already love the formula of the Butter Bronzer, I figured it was a safe bet to get it in the shade Bronzer while I experiment with darker bronzers.

I absolutely love it. It’s no wonder why so many people love this bronzer.

It’s a pretty universal shade (unless you’re at the extreme end of either side of the spectrum), it’s SO easy to blend out, and you can definitely build it up for a darker bronze without getting any weird streakiness or splotches.

AND it smells heavenly. Similar to the Marc Jacobs O! Mega Bronzer I mentioned in my Luxury Edition, it has the most amazing coconut scent you could imagine.

It isn’t strong or overpowering in any way, it’s just GOOD. It sounds weird, but sometimes I just like to open it and smell it.

Shop Now: Amazon | Ulta


MaybellineFit Me! Matte and Poreless Powder

First seen in: January Favorites

I know, I know, pressed powder is definitely not the most exciting makeup item to talk about, but it’s very important! It’s something that you totally need to have in your makeup collection.

I like to use a pressed foundation powder to brush away excess loose powder after baking my under-eye area and to blend the liquid foundation down my neck.

I really like this foundation because it adds a bit of coverage, mattifies, helps make your foundation look seamless, and it’s great for touch-ups.

I like to have this powder handy in my purse, because it’s perfect as a blotting powder to touch-up a bit of shine, without making your foundation look cakey.

On days that I don’t want to put on a full face of makeup, but I also don’t want to look sick (bare-faced=sick-looking Liana), I’ll use just concealer and this powder as my foundation.

It’ll even out my skin tone enough to ensure I won’t scare anyone into thinking I’m half dead.

Shop Now: Amazon | Ulta


Flower BeautyShimmer and Strobe Highlighting Palette

First seen in: April Favorites

Guys, this highlighting palette absolutely blew my mind when I first tried it. It’s definitely one of the brightest, most blinding highlighting palettes I have.

The formula is my favorite type of formula for highlighters – it’s really softly pressed.

That means that a lot of powder might fly up if you hit it with a brush kind of roughly. But, because of that very reason, you get a super bright and pigmented highlight with one stroke.

You’ll never have the problem of not being able to see your highlight with this palette.

The formula really reminds me of Ofra’s highlighter formula, so if you’re a fan of those, you’ll love this palette!

Shop Now: Ulta


Morphe Brushes x Bretman RockBabe in Paradise Highlighting Palette

First seen in: April Favorites

I never really know what to categorize Morphe as because I wouldn’t consider it luxury, but at $30 for this palette, their price point is higher than what you’d expect at a drugstore.

But, I definitely think it’s affordable, especially for a 6-shade palette and compared to luxury brands.

I was so happy for Bretman Rock when this collaboration came out!

Being from Hawaii (he’s also from Hawaii), I kind of had a proud mama moment like, “Yesss girl, you go and show the world what Hawaii is made of!”

Many of the shade names are words that you’d only know if you’re from Hawaii, so I thought it was really cute that he chose those names.

All of the shades are so creamy and beautiful, even though I can only really use 3 out of the 6 shades – Vaygation, Mahu, and Get Lei’d.

But, that’s the thing with many palettes – they’re made so everyone of all skin tones can use at least one shade.

That’s where you have to think if it’s really worth the money to get a palette if you’re not going to use every shade.

For this palette, using 3 shades for $29 is still worth the money in my books. Plus, I can use the other shades for eyeshadow, so they’re definitely not going to waste.

Shop Now: Morphe


Pixi Beauty Eye Define Waterline Pencil in Tightline Black

First seen in: April Favorites

I never really paid much attention to Pixi Beauty – I don’t really know why, just none of their products really caught my attention.

(And it doesn’t help that the Walgreens that I frequent in Maui doesn’t carry Pixi… Walgreens Kahului, what up with that?!)

Anyway, Pixi Beauty so kindly sent me a whole box of their eyeliners and lash products, so I finally had the chance to really try out some of their products.

GUYS, their eyeliners are so good! This liner is meant for the waterline so it stays there ALL DAY and it applies so smoothly and it's SO BLACK. I was so shocked the first time I tried it.

This pencil is now my everyday pencil for my waterline. Yes, I wear black liner on my waterline every day – I just love a more smoky/sultry look.

However, if you are looking for a brightening liner instead, Pixi makes the exact same pencil in a cream color and it’s just as amazing.

Shop Now: Pixi Beauty | Target


MilaniBaked Blush in Luminoso

I know I’m a little late to the party with this blush, but hey, I got there eventually!

It’s no wonder so many people rave about this blush – it’s absolutely gorgeous. The shade Luminoso is like a peachy pink with a bit of gold shimmer in it.

It’s commonly referred to as a dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush (which is also one of my favorites), and I’d have to totally agree with that.

Luminoso may be a little more peachy and a little less shimmery, but the two are very similar.

This blush is so damn pigmented that I was actually really shocked when I first tried it.

A ton of product comes up on the brush, so you really don’t need a heavy hand when applying it.

But, despite it being so pigmented, it’s very easy to blend out if you apply too much and it blends out so smoothly without any patchiness. It’s a total win.

Shop Now: Amazon | Ulta


ColourPop Cosmetics Double Entendre Palette

This palette is hands down my most favorite palette that I got in 2018. It really is the most perfect everyday neutral palette and it’s perfect for traveling.

I recently took it on a 2-week trip to Australia and it was all I could have wanted. It has a great variety of shades to create just about any type of look you’d want.

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Shop Now: ColourPop
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ColourPop CosmeticsSuper Shock Shadows

Shades Pictured: Fluffy, LadyBird, Polly, Amaze, Frog, Birthday Wish

First seen in: January Favorites

If you’ve read any other of my Monthly Favorites lists, you know how much I love ColourPop Super Shock Shadows.

They are just so long-wearing and they never crease at all. I love how I can put on a super glittery shade on my lid in the morning and it’ll look exactly the same by the end of the day.

And did I mention there’s no fallout? Yeah, they’re amazing.

Although I’ve tried Super Shock Shadows prior to this year, I’ve only gotten really crazy about them this year.

I wear a glitter/shimmer Super Shock Shadow on my lid EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s how much I love them.

Shop Now: ColourPop
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Real TechniquesMiracle Complexion Sponge

I really am SO late to the party on this sponge. I know in my Best Brushes post, I mentioned the L’oreal Infallible sponge as my favorite sponge, but that was before I tried this sponge!

I never really used sponges to apply my liquid/cream products – I used to use it only to apply setting powder.

But, I think the reason for that is because I never tried a sponge this good!

I’ve heard people saying this sponge is better than a beautyblender (or a dupe), but I’ve never tried one so I can’t say if that’s true or not.

However, I now know why so many people just swear by applying their liquid products with a sponge. It seriously creates such an even, flawless finish that is really hard to achieve with a brush.

I still use my favorite Morphe Y-6 to apply and blend out my foundation because you get more coverage using a brush over a sponge.

But, after applying concealer, I use this sponge to blend it out and then go over the rest of my face with the sponge to ensure a flawless finish.

I don’t even know what I was doing with my life before this sponge. I’ll never go back.

Shop Now: Amazon | Ulta

And that's it for my mid-year drugstore/affordable favorites! I've tried so many new products this year that it was hard to narrow it down for this list, but I tried to be super selective with this one so we're not here for days.

Also, don’t forget to use Ebates if you’re thinking about buying any of the items on this list!

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Thank you so much for reading, until next time. <3


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