Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Review

Hi, friends! Back at it again with another foundation review for you! Isn’t this a treat? Two foundation reviews within a week! (That’s unheard of for Liana… LOL.) If you missed my Cover FX Power Play Foundation Review from earlier this week, be sure to check it out!

Today, I will be reviewing the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation. I KNOW. I’m super late to the party with this foundation.

I’ve actually had it for a while now, but just never got around to reviewing it. Since there have been so many reviews on it already and because the hype surrounding it died down, I even contemplated not doing a review on it. But, here we are.


Details from

What #FauxFilter is:

#FauxFilter is a full-coverage velvety foundation, available in 30 delicious shades, that will give you a flawless long-lasting look in just one application. Hiding blemishes, concealing imperfections, and camouflaging dark circles, this amazing formula is packed with ultra-refined pigments that make uneven skin a thing of the past.

What #FauxFilter does:

The intelligent liquid foundation blends seamlessly with skin and dries to a radiant matte powder finish that looks luminous, not dry or cakey. Enriched with good-for-your-skin ingredients like Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica, both known for their hydrating properties, this fade-proof formula blends seamlessly into the skin, simultaneously working to improve skin texture. Count on #FauxFilter to give you flawless full-coverage with just one pump, or blend together with the Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base primer for an even, more natural finish.


Huda’s Tips:

For full-coverage:

For extra wearability, first apply the Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base.

Using a dime-sized amount or less, dip the Huda Beauty Buff & Blend synthetic brush in to the foundation and apply to skin using circular and dabbing motions.

For medium-coverage:

Combine the Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base (or your fav moisturizer) with the #FauxFilter Foundation and using the Huda Beauty Buff & Blend synthetic brush, or a damp beauty sponge, blend on the skin for a smooth, dewy finish.

Huda’s top tip:

“Although it dries to a radiant powder finish, if you have oily skin, setting it with a thin layer of translucent powder gives the most incredible flawless, all-day-matte look!”


1.18 ounces / 35 mL



Available in 30 shades

Customer Ratings:

3.7/5 on

5/5 on (strange much??? only 26 reviews though...)




If you read my Cover FX Power Play Foundation Review, you know how much I hate plastic packaging for brands at this price point. Huda Beauty is definitely not a drugstore brand (their eyeshadow palettes cost over $60!), so why is the foundation packaged in a plastic bottle?!

However, unlike the Cover FX packaging, I hate this one much less. It looks really nice and you’d probably think it’s a glass bottle until you pick it up. It also has a really nice pump that dispenses a lot of product at once (so be careful with that).

You also get 1.18 ounces of foundation in this bottle (which is about 1/5 more than the industry standard of 1 ounce) and the price is very reasonable at $40.

With all of those factors in mind, I can see why Huda Beauty opted for a plastic bottle. The money saved on packaging is probably one of the reasons they were able to sell it at $40.



This foundation has a pretty strong perfume scent when first applying it, so it might not be the best for those that are sensitive to scented products. However, the scent doesn’t bother me and it does fade quickly.



The consistency of this foundation is pretty thick. It’s thicker than most liquid foundations and I would say it’s similar to the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. It’s not quite a mousse because it’s not really airy, but it’s not a liquid either.

It’s thick enough that if you dispense it onto the back of your hand and tilt it in any direction, the foundation won’t really move much (or it’ll be very slow moving). It’s honestly thicker than I would like.

I always dispense the foundation on the back of my hand and use my favorite brush, the Morphe Y-6 flat-top kabuki, to blend it out. I dip the brush into the foundation then dot it all over one of my cheeks and blend it out.

This foundation dries kind of quickly so I like to work in sections of my face, re-dipping my brush into the foundation on the back of my hand as needed. If there are any areas of my face that I feel need more coverage, I then add a bit more in those areas and blend that out.

This foundation blends out really easily and I never had any problems with streakiness or patchiness. It’s also pretty easy to build up coverage, as long as you don’t use rough motions while pressing really hard on your face.

Because this foundation dries fairly quickly, the foundation already laid down will get a tad bit disrupted if you use wiping motions. I like to use stippling motions whenever I build up the coverage so I don’t ruin the first layer of foundation.

Side tip: Stippling motions is a good method to apply foundation in general! And the same goes for using a Beauty Blender (or any makeup sponge): best practice would be to use tapping/dabbing motions to blend it out. This will give you the most flawless finish. You never want to use big wiping motions because that will create streaks and a lot of uneven coverage.



According to Huda’s tips above, it is recommended to use a dime-amount or less for a full-coverage finish. Being the full-coverage bitch that I am, the recommended amount is almost never enough for me to achieve the coverage I want.


On the very first time I tried this foundation, I started off with two full pumps. The pump dispenses a lot of product – I would say each pump is about a dime-sized amount. So, I started off with twice the recommended amount.


This foundation really is super full-coverage and super pigmented so a little goes a LONG way. Since I didn’t want to waste what I had already dispensed, I used all of the two pumps on my face and it was a mess.

It was way too heavy and cakey. 1 pump is definitely the magic number for me to achieve full-coverage (and I really like everything covered) and I only dispense a little more out at a time if I feel like I want to add coverage in any area.



I’d consider this foundation a pretty matte foundation, but not super matte. The description says that’ll it’ll leave a “matte powder finish that looks luminous,” but I honestly find that statement so contradicting.

To me, “luminous” sounds like there would be a dewy finish, which is the complete opposite of a “matte powder finish.” But that’s just my interpretation of the word “luminous.”

Regardless of what the description says, I’d say this foundation has a natural matte finish. It isn’t too matte, but definitely not luminous.

It sits nicely on the skin and you can still see some shine in the natural high points of your face after applying it (until you put setting powder on it LOL – setting powder just makes it completely matte).

I can’t really attest to the claim of it drying down to a powder finish because I always set my entire face with loose powder, but I have a feeling it doesn’t because it’s really thick.

As a girl with dry skin, I will say that this foundation does not emphasize any dry spots or make my skin look any worse. I wouldn’t say it made my skin look better regarding texture, but it didn’t make it worse.

The biggest drawback of this foundation for me is how heavy it is. I mentioned earlier, it's pretty thick when it’s dispensed, and it totally feels that thick on the skin.

When it’s first applied, it isn’t that bad and it’s totally tolerable, but by the end of the day, I just NEED to get it off of my skin.

It feels like I’m wearing a mask by the end of the day and I may be a little overdramatic when I say that I swear I can feel my pores being clogged (even with moisturizing and priming beforehand).

All in all, the finish of the foundation can be summed up by one simple word: meh. It looks nice and it isn’t bad at all, but I’m not obsessed with it.

Also, I’ve heard some people say that it oxidizes on them, but I haven’t experienced any oxidizing.



For being such a thick and heavy foundation, I’m not at all mad at how long it lasts. Even though by the end of the day, I feel like it has run its course and it needs to get off of my face ASAP, it still looks really nice on the skin.

I don’t have any problems with it caking up or sinking into fine lines or even breaking up in areas. It really feels like all of that should have happened by the end of the day just by how heavy it gets on my skin, but I’m always really pleasantly surprised when I look in the mirror and the foundation still looks great.

HOWEVER, I know that my primer and setting powder/spray have something to do with that. Without a setting powder, this foundation would really grease up and separate on the skin.

It isn’t really marketed as a long-wearing foundation, so I can’t be mad at that. Just know that if you have oily skin, setting this foundation is definitely a must!

I’m actually wearing this foundation as I’m writing this and it’s 3:30 pm. I put the foundation on a little before 6 am and I only blotted the sides of my nose just a tiny bit around 1 pm.

I didn’t even really need to blot it because it was only a little shiny. But, I layer both a moisturizing primer and a smoothing primer on before the foundation and I really pack on the setting powder after, especially on my nose.

I don’t necessarily bake my nose, but I really press a lot of powder all over my nose and brush of the excess after maybe about 30 seconds. And I apply a really strong setting spray after that.

SO, many steps were taken to ensure the longevity of this foundation – just to give you guys an idea of how long this foundation may last with your makeup routine. 


Is it worth the cost?

Yeah, I think $40 is definitely a fair price for this foundation. You get a lot of foundation in the bottle and you only need a little bit each time you use it, so it’ll last a really long time.

Also, the packaging is alright, at least you get a nice pump even though it’s plastic. And it’s Huda Beauty – one of the most hyped up brands right now. Not mad at all about $40.



I think I’ll give this foundation a 3/5. The only real problem I have with it is how heavy it feels on the skin. Everything else about it is alright, but it’s just not great.

Like I can definitely use this foundation and have a good makeup day, but there’s nothing about it that makes it great. Whenever I’m putting my makeup on, I never think to myself, “Ooh I want to use the Huda foundation today!”

I just use it for the sake of using it because I spent $40 on it and don’t want it to go to waste. Average rating for an average product.

And that’s it for this review, guys! I’d really love to know if you’ve tried this foundation and what you think about it. For such a hyped up foundation, did it live up to the hype? Let me know in the comments. :)

Hope you all are having an amazing day or night! Thank you so much for reading and until next time. <3


Buy it here: Sephora | Huda Beauty

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Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation - Full Review
Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation - Full Review

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