March Favorites

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Hi, friends! April is here! April has just begun, which means it is time for me to share with all of you my favorite products of March! I tried out a bunch of new things in March (sorry, wallet) and some of them wowed me enough to make this list.

But, before we start, I have to tell you about my weekend. I just got back home from Oahu, where I went to the most amazing person’s concert – JAY PARK. If you don’t know who he is or don’t care, you can just skip over this part LOL, but I need to gush about him for just a little bit. I’ve been in love with him since like 2011 (yeah, that long!), when he still looked kind of pubescent and was still learning how to rap. BUT NOW. He has grown so much as an artist, that it almost makes me feel like a proud mama. And the concert was amazing. It was a bit shorter than I had hoped and expected (not even 2 hours long, including the opening acts), but it was still amazing. He’s such a great live performer and he seriously sounds like he does on his studio recordings! He’s just perfect. The opening acts were Hoody and PH-1. I only knew of them because they each had a few features on some of Jay’s songs. Hoody was alright, but seeing PH-1 live definitely made me like him and I’ll be sure to look up some of his songs. Okay, gush over. You’re probably like, “finally Liana…”

Okay, let’s get into the goods now.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Definer in Medium Brown


Shop Now: ABH | Sephora | Ulta

I’ve been a long-time user and fan of the Perfect Brow Pencil by ABH, and even though I love that pencil, I really wanted to try the Brow Definer out. I’ve seen it being used on many YouTube videos for a while now and I have a friend that uses it, so I finally just bought it.

I bought it in the shade Medium Brown, even though I use Dark Brown in the Perfect Brow Pencil because my brows tend to look harsh a lot of times. I think it’s the contrast between my skin color and my brows that really make my brows stand out, even if my natural hair is actually really dark. And I must say, Medium Brown was a good choice. I have a pretty heavy hand when I do my brows, so Medium Brown still looks pretty dark LOL. It’s definitely not too light for me at all.

The thick angled tip took some getting used to because I’m used to using a thin pointed tip with the Perfect Brow Pencil. But, after a few days, I ended up really liking the angled tip. I think it makes it easier to create hair-like strokes. And the formula of the pencil is really soft, which helps create natural-looking, soft strokes. I’m definitely enjoying the natural brows! A part of me wants to go really light and straight with my brows to get that Korean look. NAH. That won’t happen.  I don’t even think I could get my brows that straight without shaving half of it off.


Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter


Shop Now: ABH | Sephora | Ulta

The formula of this highlighter is insane. It’s totally different from the Anastasia Glow Kits, and I’m totally here for that. It doesn’t have any big chunks of glitter in it and it’s not powdery at all, yet it’s so reflective. I mean, just look at it! It just looks like a brick of gold. And that brick of gold gives you the most beautiful dewy highlight ever. It’s kind of like an ‘I’m sweating, but I’m sweating drops of gold’ type of highlight. Does that make sense LOL. Since it’s not powdery at all, it really gives you a smooth finish. It’s almost as if you just have really glowy skin. There’s none of that dry powdery look with this highlighter. Just get it. You won’t be disappointed.


Flower Beauty – Flower Pots Powder Blush in Sweet Pea


Shop Now: Ulta | Flower Beauty | Walmart 

Blush has always been something that I’ve never gotten excited about. Are you the same way? I feel like that’s a common feeling to have towards blush. I’ve always worn blush every single day, but it’s something that I could use the same one for years and never think that I need a new one. However, now that I’m experimenting more with different eye looks, I realize that you do need different shades of blush! Especially if you don’t want to look like a clown.

I haven’t mentioned a blush in my favorites list since June(?) of last year and that’s because I didn’t even buy another blush since then LOL. I’ve been really curious about Flower Beauty for a while now (I mean, who wouldn’t be curious in a makeup line by Drew Barrymore?!), but I can’t physically find it anywhere on Maui! Since I had an Ulta gift card from Christmas, I decided to order a few things from Flower Beauty. MONTHS LATER (Ulta shipping SUCKS), I’m finally talking about it on my blog.

I got the shade Sweet Pea, and on first sight, I honestly was not super into the shade. I thought it was going to be a peachy shade, but to me, it’s looks really mauvey. It really grew on me, though! And now I love it. I always tend to go for peach toned shades, so I’m glad I got something different!

As far as the formula goes, it’s not super pigmented and it seems like it’s pressed pretty firmly into the pan. BUT I LIKE THAT. Contrary to eyeshadow, I don’t like when blush is super pigmented. It makes it so easy to get an explosion of color on your cheek if you’re not careful. With this blush, the perfect amount of product comes off onto the brush, where it gives you a nice wash of color across your cheek that is subtle yet buildable.


NARS – Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation


Shop Now: Sephora | NARS | Ulta

I’m not going to say much about this foundation because I’m planning on doing a full review on it. But, since it’s in my March Favorites, you know I love it!


CosMedix – Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum



Shop Now: CosMedix

I absolutely love this! I think this is my #1 favorite of my March Favorites. I’ve always suffered from really dark under-eye circles and since I could never figure out how to get rid of them (I get a sufficient amount of sleep), I just accepted that they would just be a part of my life forever. UNTIL I found this eye serum. After less that 2 weeks of using it every day before bed, I already see a noticeable difference. My under-eye area is definitely lighter and feels much more moisturized.

The texture took me by surprise – it’s really thick and kind of a goopy, sticky gel. On the first day, I applied way too much and I looked like a greasy mess LOL. You really only need a tiny drop on each eye, which means this tube is going to last forever, even with how small it is. That makes the price a little easier to swallow.


Lil’ Dicky x Chris Brown – Freaky Friday

If you haven’t heard this song yet, I’m doing you a favor right now!! Justin turned me onto Lil’ Dicky with his funny (and pretty smart) rap style and I’ve always been a fan of Chris Brown’s music since his “Yo” days. If you don’t know that song, you and I probably can’t be friends. :)


And, that’s it for my March Favorites! I’m hoping to get a bunch to reviews out this month, so keep an eye out for that! Hope all of you have an amazing April!

Thanks for reading! Until next time. <3


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