April Instagram Snaps


Hi, friends! Happy May! I cannot believe another month has already flown by... It seems like I was just writing my March Instagram Snaps! It's almost mid-way through the year and that is just absolutely ridiculous. It seriously feels like it was just Christmas!

Anywaysss, I hope you all had a great month! I didn't really do much at all last month - I just had the same schedule of going to work every day. The only exciting thing I did was go to a Jay Park concert in Honolulu at the beginning of the month. (You can read me gushing about him here). However, no photos from that concert made it onto my Instagram LOL.

I had a few cool collabs in the last month, like Happy Plugs (earphones and phone cases - bottom row, middle photo), Marc Bale/The Peach Box (watches and other jewelry - top row, middle photo), and Estelle & Thild (skin care - middle row, right photo). Lots of thanks to those companies (and all the other previous companies) for giving me the opportunity to work with them! 

I also got accepted into Octoly which is an amazing program for Bloggers/Influencers (I honestly hate that word so much). Basically, you start with 5 credits to "order" products from their "free store" in exchange for a review of each product. If the brand of the product you chose likes your social media platform you intend to share your review on (Instagram, YouTube, etc.), they will accept your order and send you the product. After receiving the product, you have 21 days to publish a review and when you do, you get your credit back to "order" something else! Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

So far, I was able to test the new Kate Somerville Cold Cream (middle row, left photo), the Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage Foundation (bottom row, left photo), the Ana Luisa NY Tia Earrings (top row, right photo), and the Cosmedix Opti Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum (not pictured). I think Octoly is so great because each of those items are probably something that I would never have purchased on my own, but now that I've tried them, I love each one of them! So, to my fellow bloggers, get on that Octoly shit like right now!

And that's it for my April Instagram Snaps! Hope you all have a lovely May!