February Favorites

Hi, friends! March has begun, so another Favorites post must be done. I know, I know… you all are probably in the middle of drooling over my Oahu Food posts and were hoping this was the next installment of that series. But, take a break from the amazing food photos and join me as I recap my favorite items from the month of February. :)

February wasn’t really a huge month for me, makeup-wise – I didn’t try out nearly as many new products as I would have liked to. However, I still managed to try enough to put together this post and to continue the theme from my January Favorites post, I will be including some fashion items and my favorite song of the month! AND, for the first time ever, I will be including a disappointment of the month.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!



Tarte Cosmetics – Tartelette Toasted Palette


Shop Now: Tarte | Sephora | Ulta

I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, since it came out way back in October of last year, but hey, better late than never! I got this palette as a Christmas gift, so I have no idea why it took me over two months to actually try it out. And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long because I absolutely love it!

I’m a huge fan of Tarte’s Tartelette in Bloom Palette (which is probably my most well-loved palette I own), so I was expecting great things from the Toasted palette. At first, the shades didn’t really scream out at me, especially because for some reason, neutral eye looks have been my go-to in the recent months. With that in mind, when I first tried it, I already thought it wasn’t going to be an everyday palette for me. Well, that sure did change because I’ve been using this palette every single day!

I love that you can get a complete look out of it because it has matte transition, crease, and outer corner shades, as well as shimmer shades for the lid and a light highlight shade for the brow bone and inner corner. And the quality is everything you’d expect from Tarte, as they make some of the best eyeshadows.  


Tarte Cosmetics – The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Park Avenue Princess 1

$24, on sale for $10!

Shop Now: Tarte 

Side note: What a ridiculous name. SLENDERIZERRR.

I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to cream contour – it just seems so scary to me! I’m always worried that the color isn’t going to be right, or I’ll put too much on and it won't blend out well, or it’ll end up looking muddy, or I’ll have to blend it so much that the foundation around those areas get ruined (especially the nose!). So, for all of those reasons and because powders are so quick and easy to use, I haven’t really experimented much with cream contouring, until this product!

This shade is absolutely perfect for me – it isn’t too warm toned, which is an important factor in not looking muddy for someone with a light skin tone. The stick application makes it so easy to apply precisely, especially for novices, and it’s so damn easy to blend! This contour stick makes me want to cream contour every day!

And guys, it’s on sale right now for only $10 on the Tarte website. I have a feeling that means it’s being discontinued, so I better stock up!


Ofra Cosmetics x NikkieTutorials – Glow Goals Highlighter


Shop Now: Ofra

Another win from Ofra! If you read my 2017 Favorites post, you already know how much I love their Rodeo Drive Highlighter. Well, this one is no different! Ofra does such an amazing job with their highlighters, especially if you want a super blinding highlight. This collaboration with NikkieTutorials is absolutely beautiful! The formula is the same as Ofra’s other highlighters (as far as I can tell), which means it is sooo smooth and creamy. My favorite thing about this highlighter and actually all of Ofra’s highlighters is that the powder is super finely milled – you don’t get any chunks of glitter on your face, but you still get a super bright highlight.

The shade Glow Goals is the middle shade of Nikkie’s most recent collaboration with Ofra and it is honestly the most perfect champagne gold shade for light/light-medium skin tones. Sometimes, I layer it on top of Rodeo Drive because Glow Goals is a bit more reflective, but Rodeo Drive is brighter. But, that’s just me being extra.

P.S. If you're going to buy anything from Ofra, scour the internet/youtube for discount codes! 


ColourPop Cosmetics – Supernova Shadows in UF-Woah and Running in Orbits


Shop Now: ColourPop

If you’re a fan of super pigmented and glittery shadows, you’re going to love these. As Stila has certainly set the industry standard for glitter/shimmer liquid eyeshadows with their Magnificent Metals shadows, many brands were quick to follow suit and released their own version. These ColourPop Supernova shadows definitely are the closest to the amazing formula of the Stila shadows (of the ones that I’ve tried). The color payoff is ridiculous and the shadows dry down so nicely without getting clumpy or creasing, while retaining the shimmer/glitter it had when first applied.

It doesn’t last as long as the Stila shadows and it will wear off throughout the day, but that’s not really a huge deal for me. As someone with a normal desk job, I don’t normally wear as intense of a shimmer/glitter on my eyes on a daily basis. These shadows would definitely fall under the ‘special occasion’ category for me, like going out at night to a party, event, or fancy dinner. And for those occasions, they are absolutely perfect!    

Get $5 off your first purchase from ColourPop using my referral link here.

LA Girl - HD Pro Conceal


Shop Now: LA Girl | Walmart | CVS | Ulta 

I've heard about this foundation long ago, but for some reason I could never find it locally on Maui! I'm so glad I finally ordered it because it's amazing! It's so thick and full-coverage that it has no problem hiding my dark under-eye circles! It also blends out so easily and doesn't crease up on me throughout the day (with setting powder, of course). 

I'm just not a huge fan of the packaging, with the brush applicator and the squeeze-tube thingy. I just much prefer a doe-foot applicator, but for the price of this product, I can't really complain about anything. Plus, its performance rivals some of my other favorite concealers - Tarte Shape Tape and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. 


Daniel Wellington – Classic Petite Ashfield + Sheffield in 28 mm

I fall more in love with this watch every day. I normally buy watches with a bigger face because it makes my wrist look smaller LOL, but the smaller face makes it a lot more comfortable to wear without the crown digging into the back of my hand. The crown is the knob you use to set the time and yes, that’s what it’s called in watch-speak – I looked it up. :p

The all black design with gold details is just so perfect for me. If you know me, you know that pretty much my entire wardrobe is black! I also love that the bands are easily interchangeable. The band can change the entire look of the watch and it’s so good to have options. Ya girl needs options!

Daniel Wellington was so kind to gift me this beautiful watch and give me a discount code to share with you guys! You can use the code DWLIANA for 15% off of your purchase.


iDeal of Sweden – Phone Cases and Wallet Case

Shop Now: iDeal of Sweden

This Carrara Gold Case is definitely my favorite phone case right now. I mean, just look at it, it’s gorgeous! My marble obsession is so real right now and the addition of gold in there just makes me dieeee. I will admit that it’s not the most protective case because it’s just hard plastic – it’s no OtterBox, that’s for sure! But, who really cares when it’s that pretty? BUT, as you can see from the photos, they do have other cases and wallet cases that are more protective if that’s what you like. So just like the DW watch, you have options! And what does ya girl need? Options!

The wallet case is actually so cool because of its magnetic feature. Every phone case is magnetic and can be attached to any wallet case. The wallet cases already come with a phone case in them, which you can detach (because it’s attached by magnets), and use on its own, or you can use a different phone case with them! It’s perfect for those times when I don’t want to carry a purse – I can just stick my license, a few cards, some cash, and my phone all into the wallet case and be good to go!

I used to have a wallet case (where the inner phone case didn’t detach) and do you know how awkward it is to talk on the phone with the wallet case on?! I would always leave the flap open to talk because of the obvious sound quality issue AND so my makeup wouldn’t get all over the case! All my fellow makeup wearers, I’m sure you can relate! With the magnetic feature of the iDeal of Sweden wallet cases, that is never an issue. :)

The phone cases are already pretty affordable at $29.99 and at $54.99 for a wallet case, PLUS I have a discount code for youuu. You can get 20% off with the code LIANA20. I was sent the above items as PR, but I think I might need to buy myself more because there are so many different ones that I want!


Jay Park – Yacht

MY BABY JAY. I’ve been a complete fangirl of Jay Park for yearsss now. Sorry to all of my friends and my boyfriend for the countless times I’ve forced you to listen to the same songs by Jay Park over and over LOL. But, he’s so good! I went to one of his concerts in LA back in 2012, so I’m so excited that he decided to do a concert in Honolulu!! It’s on April 1st and guess what, I managed to get seats in the 5th row. I’m probably going to cry.

SO, this is one of his most recent songs that I’ve been playing on repeat. And WATCHING on repeat, because just look at him, he’s beautiful. Huge plus that Sik-k is featured on this song because I like him as an artist, too.



Tarte Cosmetics – Shape Tape Foundation in BOTH Matte and Hydrating


Shop Now: Tarte | Ulta

Was this foundation so bad that it made me create a ‘Disappointments’ portion in my monthly Favorites posts?! Nah, it’s just a coincidence that I decided to incorporate my disappointments starting this month.

We’re not even going to talk about Tarte’s shade range for this foundation because I’m sure all of you heard about its ridiculousness. I’m just lucky that there’s a shade that kind of matches me.

The foundation really isn’t that bad and I’ve been using it pretty frequently, but it just really isn’t that good. I had such high hopes for this foundation because of how much I love the Shape Tape Concealer, but it’s just kind of meh. I wasn’t mind-blown by this foundation and I was expecting to be. I expected the matte formula to be like ridiculously full-coverage, but I actually have to do two pretty thick layers to get it to the coverage I want. And it is so damn matte. I feel like the life is taken out of me after using this foundation. I really have to increase the moisturizer before the foundation so I don’t look dead. Piling on the highlighter helps, too.

The hydrating formula was a waste of my money, honestly. I’m a full-coverage girl and this is nowhere near full-coverage. I really have to cake it on to get the coverage I want. I bought it with the intent of doing a review of both formulas, but the laziness in me took over and I never got to it. So, now it’s just sitting on my counter, not being touched at all. However, if you want a light-coverage dewy foundation, you might like this! I thought the finish was super nice – it leaves a fresh, hydrated, and healthy look on the skin.  


And that’s all for my February Favorites, guys! I know there weren’t many makeup favorites, but I will definitely be trying out more makeup this month! I’d love to hear any thoughts on the products I mentioned above, just drop me a comment on this post. :)

Thank you for reading! Until next time. <3


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