February Instagram Snaps


Hi, friends! Another month gone, which means another Instagram post! How was your February? I didn't really do anything that exciting last month - oh the woes of having a full-time job. Oh, I actually went to Oahu for my cousin's wedding about 2 weeks ago! That was probably the most exiting IRL event that happened last month, but I guess it wasn't exciting enough to make the cut for an Instagram post LOL (sorry Chelsea). 

When talking about the month of February, one definitely cannot leave out Valentine's Day! I dedicated a few photos to Valentine's Day, which are those cutesy photos of Justin and I. He a cutie. :)

I also discovered a really great Greek restaurant, The Greek Oven, which I'm so grateful for because Maui is seriously lacking in the Greek food department! (top row, middle and right photo) They have the best gyros I've ever had, no joke. If you live on Maui or are on the island for vacation, go check them out! 

The Greek Oven Maui
810 Kokomo Rd #112
Haiku, HI 96708
(808) 575-9752

Over the past month, I was also really lucky to be able to work with a few great brands:

Sudio (www.sudio.com): Amazing wireless earphones, where you don't have to sacrifice fashion for quality. Use code LIANA for 15% off.

iDeal of Sweden (idealofsweden.us): SUPER pretty phone cases. LIKE SUPER PRETTY. They have other products too, like portable charging banks and mounts for your phone. Use code LIANA20 for 20% off.

Daniel Wellington (www.danielwellington.com): I'm sure this brand needs no introduction as they are one of the most popular watch companies out there right now. Use code DWLIANA for 15% off.


And that's it for my Instagram roundup of February! Hope you all have an amazing March!