January Favorites

Hi, friends! Another month has passed, which means it’s time for another Favorites post! Most of the products in today’s post are new (which is normally the case for every month) to me. It’s hard to believe that I acquire enough new products every month to compile a list of favorites…I wonder how my bank account is doing?

I’m also going to try to start incorporating other items other than makeup-related products in my Favorites posts, like earrings, purses, clothes, etc. (You know, trying to be a well-rounded blogger here LOL). But, let me know if you guys like that or if you want these posts to continue being only makeup products. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Wet n Wild – MegaGlow Highlighters in Golden Flower Crown and Blossom Glow

These were a Black Friday purchase that I just could not resist! 40% off the already low price of $4.99 each is too good to be true! Pretty much all of the Wet n Wild MegaGlow highlighters are of such great quality that they definitely rival all of the luxury brand highlighters out there. I even prefer these over many luxury highlighters! You can get a super blinding glow with these by building them up or just do a light layer for a natural glow.

These two specific shades (Golden Flower Crown and Blossom Glow) are my two favorites right now. Golden Flower Crown is such a perfect gold for my skin tone. I have trouble at times with gold shades either looking too dark or too yellow-gold on me, but this one is the perfect shade. Pink-toned highlighters have been a problem for me recently. If there is too much pink in it, it just looks like a shimmery blush instead of a highlight (which is not cute, especially on the bridge and tip of the nose!) But, Blossom Glow has been the answer to my problems! It gives me a bright, almost icy, highlight, without showing up too pink.


Colourpop Cosmetics – SuperShock Shadows in Fluffy, Cheap Date, and Sequin

L-R: Fluffy, Cheap Date, Sequin

A while back, I posted a ColourPop haul, and that was my first time ever trying out SuperShock Shadows. After playing around with those, I admit I kind of wrote them off with a “these are not for me” kind of attitude mostly because they are so different and I wasn’t quite sure how to work with them.

WELL, ColourPop had a BOGO FREE sale on their SuperShock Shadows at the end of December, so I decided to give them another shot. This time, I decided to order all shimmer/glitter shadows because from my previous experience, I know these are best to be put on with a finger rather than being blended out in the crease. And ya girl loves some glitter on the lid.

I ordered 8 different shades, but these 3 are my favorite by far. All of them look so good (and so sparkly!) on the lid, but they aren’t too bold that you can’t wear them to work. Normally, I just rotate between the three of these during the work week for my lid shade. Sometimes I put Sequin on the middle of my lid and put Fluffy on the inner part of my lid and the inner corner of my eyes and I liiiive for it.

What’s great about these shadows is that there is no fallout at all and absolutely no creasing. It looks great all day. With the formula, I still have a problem with using it in the crease and on the outer edge/corner, just because it takes so much more time and work to blend out versus a pressed powder shadow. And my makeup routine is long enough as it is! But on the lid, it is absolutely gorgeous. 

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L-R: Fluffy, Cheap Date, Sequin

See my review on the ColourPop Golden State of Mind Palette here.


Maybelline New York – FitMe! Matte and Poreless Powder in Natural Beige (220)


After running out of my NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation (see my 2017 product empties here), I was on the search for a drugstore alternative that I could use instead. I picked this one up because I’m a huge fan of the Maybelline FitMe! Loose Powder and guess what? Search finished.

I don’t have really high expectations for my powder foundation, because all I really use it for is to kind of pre-set my foundation before setting it with loose powder (does anyone else do this?) while adding a bit more coverage and for touch-ups throughout the day. And this powder absolutely meets those expectations. I’ve been using it every day since I bought it without a problem!

As far as the ‘matte and poreless’ claim, I don’t see a huge difference in my skin when wearing the powder. However, it definitely doesn’t make my skin look dewy or oily! I always set my face with loose powder after this powder, so I can’t really say that the ‘matteness’ of my face is from this powder or the loose powder. My face does stay matte for a long time into the day and I think it’s the combination of the two that helps keep my face matte for a longer amount of time.


Maybelline New York – MasterChrome Highlighter in Molten Rose Gold (050)

If you read my 2017 Favorites, you know I absolutely love the MasterChrome Highlighter in Molten Gold. So, can you imagine how excited I was when I heard Maybelline was releasing more shades?! Too bad I couldn’t find it in any of my local stores! I stopped searching for it and kind of forgot about it over the holidays, but then I saw it in my local Walmart unexpectedly! What a nice surprise.

Of course, I had high expectations because of how much I love the shade Molten Gold, but Molten Rose Gold definitely did not disappoint! Just looking at it, it is much pinker than I expected. In fact, I would go as far as saying they shouldn’t have even called it ‘Rose Gold,’ because I don’t see any gold in it. But, that doesn’t really matter because I still love this shade. Just like the Wet n Wild highlighter in Blossom Glow, this one is the perfect shade of pink that gives you a really bright, icy look. The formula of this shade is just as good as Molten Gold – just as soft, creamy, and just ughhh, to die for. I highly recommend.


MVMT Watches – Sunset Watch


I’ve always been a watch girl and you should see my collection of watches that I’ve amassed since high school. You’ll never see me without a watch on and my current favorite one to wear on a daily basis is definitely Sunset by MVMT Watches. The pearl face, the rose gold finish, and the mesh strap all go together so well – it’s just beautiful!

The mesh strap is something that I never tried before and I was initially apprehensive, thinking that the mesh would make it look too casual for my taste. But, I was absolutely wrong! It still looks super chic and classy. AND the mesh strap is so comfortable to wear. Have you ever experienced getting pinched by watch links? Not fun. No such thing with the mesh strap!

Although I do currently have an affiliate code for MVMT watches, this is a very new affiliation. I’ve been a fan of MVMT for some time now and I actually personally purchased this watch (and a watch for Justin) back in 2016. So, I'm super happy to now be an affiliate of a brand that I've loved for so long!

If you do decide to purchase one of your own, you can use the code LIANA10 for 10% or use this link for $15 off (whichever is better). The link will just take you to MVMT’s website and the code discount code will be displayed as a pop-up. Don’t worry, no risky links here!


BTS - MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

Another new thing I'd like to start doing in every monthly post is include my favorite song(s) of the month. 

This song is soooo good. Who doesn't like this song?! It's seriously has been on repeat for me recently. And I'd just like to give a round of applause to BTS for successfully breaking in to the American music scene. As a long time Kpop fan and a fan of BTS from their debut, I'm definitely proud! I feel like a proud mom LOL. 

P.S. my fave is Jungkook in case you were wondering and now that he's legal, I don't feel ashamed for saying that out loud. 


And that’s it for this post, guys! Thank you for reading and I hope you’re having a great 2018 so far! Until next time. <3


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