Kylie Cosmetics NICE Palette - Review and Swatches

Hi, friends! How is your 2018 going so far? I hope you all have had a great start to the year! And I can’t believe January is already almost done! It’s been so hard getting back into the daily grind of things – like going to work every day ughhh. I’m curious, do any of you have a New Year’s Resolution? My resolution is the cliché, ‘get healthy and lose weight’ thing. But for me, it’s SO REAL. I’ve gained like 30 pounds since I moved back home from Japan (which was only 8 months ago), and giiiirl that is not healthy! I’ve just been taking steps toward improving my diet and hopefully results will start to show. Fingers crossed!

For today’s post, which is long overdue, let’s talk about the NICE Palette from Kylie Cosmetics (I KNOW, I’m super late on this.) I’ve honestly had the palette since the beginning of last month (you may have seen it in my Black Friday haul), but with the holidays, I just never had the chance to sit down and write a review on it. Well, better late than never and today is the day!

Details on the Nice Palette:

The palette consists of 14 matte and shimmer shadows, each weighing in at 0.03 oz. (0.85 g). The palette retails for $44.00, making each shadow about $3.14.

I recently saw this post about someone calculating the cost per ounce of lipsticks, so I thought I’d start doing that in my reviews. The total net weight of the palette is 0.42 oz. (11.9 g) and with a cost of $44.00, the cost per ounce is about $104.76. And the cost per gram is ~$3.70.

Let me break it down in bullet points for you guys:

  • Cost: $44.00

  • 14 different shadows

  • Net weight of each shadow: 0.03 oz. (0.85 g)

  • Cost of each shadow: ~$3.14

  • Net weight of entire palette: 0.42 oz. (11.9 g)

  • Cost per ounce: $104.76

  • Cost per gram: ~$3.70

That cost per ounce/gram is interesting, isn’t it? Just for reference, the breakdown of some of my favorite palettes is as follows:

ColourPop Golden State of Mind Palette:

  • Cost: $26.00

  • Net weight of entire palette: 0.525 oz. (14.7 g),

  • Cost per ounce: ~$49.52

  • Cost per gram: ~$1.77

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette:

  • Cost: $38.00

  • Net weight of entire palette: 1.995 oz. (56.35 g)

  • Cost per ounce: ~19.05

  • Cost per gram: ~$0.67

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette:

  • Cost: $42.00

  • Net weight of entire palette: 0.28 oz. (9.8 g)

  • Cost per ounce: $150

  • Cost per gram: ~$4.29


Okay, enough about the numbers.

Let’s take a look at the Nice Palette!

L-R, Top-Bottom:

Jack Frost (satin white with gold shimmer)
Gumdrop (metallic champagne pink)
Holly (matte reddened orange)
Ginger Snap (matte mustard yellow)
Blizzard (shimmering mauve with blue green flip)
Miracle (matte white peach)
Wonderland (matte deepened brick red)
Lullaby (orange-nude)
Mulberry (mulled red wine)
Slay (metallic bright true gold)
Santa Baby (light warm taupe)
Macaroon (matte dusty blush)
Hot Cider (matte rich chocolate brown)
Drummer Boy (metallic reddened bronze)

Photos of swatches taken in two types of light:

Top row, L-R

Top row, L-R

Bottom row, L-R

Bottom row, L-R

First Thought:

Pretty, right? That was my initial thought when I first saw the teaser images. I was just like, “OOOOH PRETTYYYY.”


Seriously, everything about the palette is pretty! I’m all about the white and silver striped packaging, with parts of it being velvet. Very festive without being tacky.

The velvet parts are prone to get dirty, but nonetheless, I like it. A lot. The palette is made out of cardboard, like most palettes are. It feels very sturdy and it’s always great to have a mirror in the palette itself.


This is my first eyeshadow palette from Kylie Cosmetics, so I can’t compare the formula of this one to any past palettes. But, I will say that I was definitely impressed with the formula of this palette.

My first impression was that these shadows are definitely of high-quality in terms of pigment and blendability. Dare I say this… I actually think the formula of these shadows are creamier than and blend out easier than my beloved Jaclyn Hill Palette.

Actually, you’d hope that would be the case, right? Since this palette is WAY more expensive in terms of cost per ounce.

All of the matte shades have a bit of fallout to them – I think the shadows were pressed at the perfect amount. The shadows are pressed to the point where you still have a lot of pigment, hence some fallout, but it isn’t pressed too lightly, where there’s a ton of pigment and a ton of fallout, nor is it pressed too tightly where there is no pigment and no fallout.

It’s at that happy-medium, which is where I think most matte shadows should be.

As for the shimmers, they are all so creamy that they almost feel wet. And I want to emphasize that they are shimmers, not glitters.

You aren’t really going to get an intense sparkle from them unless you really pack it on with a wet brush or your finger.


They’re all pretty, but the only really unique shade is Blizzard.

Let’s be real, all of the shades in the palette are shades you could probably find in other palettes you own. The only shades that I probably don’t own similar ones are Blizzard and maybe Ginger Snap.

When I first opened the palette, I was really excited to use Blizzard on my lids, but it was pretty lackluster to me. It’s a very sheer shade, which means it’s probably best to use it as a topper instead of on its own. It would be pretty cool directly on top of concealer if I was doing a cut crease, but how often do I have time to do a cut crease?

Ginger Snap literally looks like mustard (I guess it’s exactly as it’s described), which is a color I will probably never use.

Final Thoughts:

With all of that being said… Yes, it’s definitely a pretty palette. The packaging is pretty, the shades are pretty, and you can totally create many pretty looks with it. Is it a must-have? No, probably not.

My overall feelings toward the palette is just kinda meh. I do reach for it from time to time, just because I have it and I don’t want it to go to waste. And I am always happy with my final look when I use the palette. But, I never really get excited to use it.

This is just my personal preference, but the shade range in the palette is just not what I go for on a daily basis. If the shades of this palette speak to you, then you go ahead and do your thang girl!

Aside from the shades just not being my favorite, it’s definitely a solid palette, quality-wise. All of the shadows apply and blend out like a dream.

I never had any problems working with these shadows, and I definitely would buy more Kylie Cosmetics palettes in the future, just based on the quality of this one. I highly recommend this palette if you vibe with these shades because the quality is outstanding.

And, that’s it for this post, guys! If you managed to get your hands on this palette, I’d love to hear what you think! Did it live up to the hype? I will admit that I gave into the hype on this one. Usually I’m pretty good about not buying hyped up products, especially from Kylie Cosmetics, but I don’t know what happened with this one!

This Holiday Collection just really caught my eye and knowing how quickly her products sell out when first released, I couldn’t really think about the purchase. I’m glad I bought it, though. I was finally able to try out Kylie Cosmetics’ eyeshadows and it made me believe that whatever she comes out with will probably be pretty good and at the very least, decent. 

Kylie Cosmetics The Nice Palette Review and Swatches

Thanks for reading! Until next time. <3


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