2017 Product Empties

Hi, friends! As last year has just come to a close, it’s that time of the year that many of us like to reflect on the past year. What went well, what didn’t go so well, new friends, friends you’d like to kick out of your life, goals accomplished, goals that are still in the works – you know, stuff like that. I like to think about what I’ve learned and how I can use that new knowledge to progress in the future. As I’m sure you all are aware by now, this blog has turned totally into a makeup/beauty blog. (Sorry friends that used to read my blogs when I wrote about deep shit). So, for today’s post, please join me in reflecting on what beauty products worked for me and what didn’t. I bet all of you thought I was going to write something really insightful when I started the post off talking about reflecting on what I’ve learned in the past year. Well I did learn a lot… About makeup. 

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the empty containers I’ve accumulated as a year-end kind of a thing. Yes, I kept the empty containers just so I could take photos of them. I was preparing for this post! I didn’t keep every single one (I wish I did), so the empties in this post probably covers the latter half of last year. For each product, I’ll talk about whether I finished the product because I loved it, or just because I didn’t want to waste it (can’t be throwing those dollah bills into the trash!). I’ll also mention if I’m planning on repurchasing the item, or if I already did.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Bobbi Brown – Soothing Oil Cleanser

Bobbi Brown – Soothing Milk Cleanser

I use both of these products every day to remove my makeup and I absolutely love it. Sometimes I use other cleansers after the oil cleanser, but in my experience these two are made for each other. I definitely see a difference in my skin when I use them together versus separately. With that being said, it’s kind of a bummer to always have to buy both of them because they are fairly expensive. But, I bought them anyway and I’m still currently using them every day. I haven’t found something I like more than this combo, so I’ll probably continuing buying them until I do. Recommendations welcome! Especially affordable recommendations... gotta save some monehh!

Read my full review on both products here


Bobbi Brown – Hydrating Face Cream

This face cream really works well as a nighttime moisturizer for me. I get a little lazy when it comes to putting on moisturizer at night and often forget to do any type of skincare routine before bed so my skin can get really dry at times. Just a few nights of using this face cream really puts a lot of moisture back into my skin. This cream is on the heavier side, so I would definitely not recommend it if you have oily skin, but for normal to dry skin types, it’s amazing. I did repurchase this recently, but I am totally looking for other moisturizers to try out just because the price of this one is kind of high. Most good moisturizers are a bit pricey, but drugstore recommendations anyone?

Bobbi Brown – Vitamin Enriched Face Base

This is my all-time favorite primer and I don’t think I will ever change my mind about that. It’s like a moisturizer and primer in one, which saves some time, and it makes foundation sit absolutely beautifully on the skin. I already have like 3 backups stashed in my drawer because ya girl can’t ever run out of this! Will continue repurchasing this forever. Fingers crossed Bobbi Brown never discontinues it!

Read my full review on this product here – it’s kind of an old review, but that’s how long I’ve been using it religiously!


NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla and Custard

This has been my holy grail concealer for quite some time now and I think most people who have tried this concealer will agree that it’s one of the best ones on the market. The coverage, the wearability, the finish – just everything is great about this concealer. I use Vanilla for highlighting and Custard for spot concealing. I’ve used this concealer for a long time without trying anything else because it is so predictable – I know how it wears throughout the day (beautifully) and I know that the aforementioned shades match me perfectly. I did repurchase both shades after I ran out, but haven’t opened them yet because now that I’m kind of a beauty blogger, I’ve been trying out a lot of different concealers (lots of drugstore options) that I’ve been enjoying!

NARS – All-Day Luminous Foundation Powder in Deauville and Fiji  
(I have two shades because I faded LOL)

I used to be such a NARS girl up until I moved back home to Hawaii. I used to use the All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (liquid), the Radiant Creamy Concealer, and this powder every day. I always use a powder foundation on top of liquid foundation, but before loose setting powder. (Extra AF, yeah I know.) I originally bought this powder just because I used the liquid version of this and had this strange notion that the powder had to match the liquid. I’ve come a long way in my makeup journey since then! And even though I do still use this powder every day and I think it’s a great powder foundation, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it again because I’m sure I can find a drugstore dupe for it.

P.S. Don't you hate it when powders get to the point that they break apart?! There's so much product left, but it becomes pretty much unusable. 


L’Oréal – Pro-Matte Foundation in 104

This is definitely my favorite drugstore foundation. It’s just a really solid foundation, drugstore or not. I did repurchase this foundation in 103, instead of 104 (because I faded), but I haven’t been using it much recently because I’ve been in love with the Fenty Beauty foundation. This is still definitely my go-to foundation when I’m not feeling boujee, but let’s be real, how often is that?! Haha, I kid. Kinda. Maybe. I normally won’t even go to the market without putting on makeup, so I use this foundation for short trips like that. It tends to feel heavy after wearing it for a while, so I don’t like to keep it on for that long. But, I’ll still repurchase this after I run out of my current tube, unless I find something I like more for an equally affordable price. 


L’Oréal – Lash Paradise Voluminous Mascara

This is THE ONLY mascara that I will use right now. It gives me both length and volume, AND it doesn’t flake off during the day or smear at all. Best. Mascara. Ever. And for the price?! Will definitely be repurchasing this mascara forever.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Perfect Brown Pencil in Dark Brown

I’ve been using this brow pencil for about 2 ½ years now and it’s never failed me, so I will probably keep buying it! I know the popular ABH pencil is the Brow Wiz, but that one runs out way too fast for me. This one lasts me about 6 months! The only problem I have is that my brows look a bit bolder than I want them to – that’s totally me having a heavy hand, though, and not the pencil. The Brow Definer by ABH intrigues me and so do many other brow products, so I might have to give some of those a try… but, if none of those work out, at least I know I can fall back on this one!


Laura Mercier – Loose Translucent Powder

Giiirl, I have gone through at least 4 of these since I first started using it and it is honestly THE BEST loose setting powder around. I explored other more affordable loose setting powder options because I bake my face every day so I go through one of these pretty quickly! Although I’ve found suitable drugstore options, they definitely are not as great as this powder. On a day-to-day basis, I usually use a drugstore loose setting powder, but I always keep this on hand (and will continue to) for when I want my makeup to look extra nice.


MAC - Technakohl Eyeliner

I don't even know how long I've been using this liner! It was the first liner I ever bought for my waterline and at the time, I bought exclusively MAC makeup. That was back in high school! I never changed the liner I used in my waterline because this one always worked, but I've been trying new ones out recently and I think this one will be getting the boot! Sorry, MAC!


And that’s it for this post, guys! When I was going through my ‘empties’ drawer, I was actually shocked I had this many because I am constantly buying new products before I use up what I already have…I’m addicted! I really enjoy seeing what other people actually enjoy enough to go through the entire product, so I hope this post was at least interesting to all of you!

Thank you all for reading and Happy New Year! <3

And that’s it for this post, guys! When I was going through my ‘empties’ drawer, I was actually shocked I had this many because I am constantly buying new products before I use up what I already have…I’m addicted! I really enjoy seeing what other people actually enjoy enough to go through the entire product, so I hope this post was at least interesting to all of you!

Thank you all for reading and Happy New Year! <3


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