November Instagram Snaps


Hi, friends! I cannot believe it's already December! The main event of my November was definitely Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Cyber week..?). I had such a great time spending time with my family and also getting amazing deals on so many things! How was your November? What was the best deal you got?

Other than Thanksgiving week, my November was pretty boring... I didn't do anything really that exciting and it's just been working all day, every dayyy. Who else hates having to be an adult?! 

Some deets on the photos:

I got a great deal on these amazing brushes from Wet N Wild, exclusively at Walgreens (top row, middle photo). The white bristles and chrome handles are just to die for! And the quality of Wet N Wild brushes are always good, especially for the price. These were priced at $30, but I got them for half off! $15!! Such a good deal!

Those super cute earrings (second row, right photo) are from Radar Jewelry and they have been my absolute go-to pair of earrings for the month. They are adorable! I'm also wearing them in the bottom right photo. See my post on Radar Jewelry here

Who else here loves beer?! Get those super tall beers in the top right photo from Yard House! They have so many beer on tap from all over the world - I love it! 

Other photos are just selfies of my makeup, or throwbacks to when I was living in Japan. I miss living there so much! 

As we're beginning December, I am really getting into the holiday spirit! We recently picked up a Christmas tree and decorated it - I love coming home and feeling the Christmas vibes! Justin will be visiting for the holidays, which I am REALLY excited about. It'll be our second Christmas together, but his first Christmas spent with my entire family. :) Happy holidays to everyone! <3