Black Friday/Cyber Monday Makeup Haul

Hi, friends! Omg, I have been waiting to do this post for sooo long. I’m just going to cut out all of that small talk that I normally do in the beginning of posts, and get straight to business. Most of my orders from Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Cyber Week finally came in! Some came within days, BUT OTHERS took forever. Like, literally, FOREVER. Yes guys, 3 weeks = FOREVER. I am a millennial after all, and WE ALL expect things to be done instantaneously. *insert eye-roll* Anyways… all sarcasm aside, 3 weeks actually is pretty long of a transit period. And that’s especially true for makeup, which weighs practically nothing, can be heat-sensitive, and has more of a chance of arriving damaged the longer it is in transit.

My haul turned out to be quite small considering everything that I wanted to buy, but I thought I'd still share all of it with you guys. In hopes of this post being even the slightest bit informative, I’ll talk about where I bought the products, how much I paid for the products, what the sale/promotion was, and how long it took to arrive. Hopefully this can become a small shopping guide in case any of you are thinking of purchasing products from these retailers in the future, or even next year during Black Friday/Cyber Week.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with this haul!

Kylie Cosmetics (no discount)

NICE Palette $44

  • Ordered on Monday, Nov. 27

  • Free shipping

  • Shipped on Saturday, Dec. 9

  • Shipped via USPS

  • Arrived on Monday, Dec. 11

I refrained from buying anything when her holiday collection dropped, only to buy this palette not even a week later when it was restocked... Even though it was excluded from her Cyber Monday sale, I’m still including it in this post because I did buy it on Cyber Monday.

I've had great experiences with Kylie Cosmetics in the past - super fast shipping and the products are always really well protected in the box. This time, however, it took ALMOST TWO WEEKS from the day I placed the order to the the day it was shipped. I assume it's because they were absolutely slammed because of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. But, once it was shipped, it was in my hands pretty much instantly. 2 weeks total is still a bit lengthy to wait for an order, so I'd be cautious when ordering from Kylie Cosmetics during a busy time. Any other time though, it's super fast!

Read my full review here.

Morphe Brushes (25% off)

Dare to Create 39A Palette $32 -> $24


Y6 Pro Flat Buffer Brush $10 -> $7.50

M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush $6 -> $4.50

M510 Pro Round Blender Brush $8 -> $6

  • Ordered on Thursday, Nov. 24

  • Shipping cost: $12.75

  • Shipped on Friday, Nov. 25

  • Shipped via UPS SurePost

  • Arrived on Tuesday, Dec. 5

I restrained myself from buying this palette when it was first released because I have SO many eyeshadow palettes, but I couldn’t say no to 25% off! The sale made the cost of this palette only $24, and that is just too good to pass up. And look at it! Gorgeous. Definitely glad I made the purchase. I threw in some brushes because why the hell not? You can never have too many brushes! I bought another of my favorite foundation brush, the Y6, so I don’t have to clean my foundation brush as often and I can just rotate them. The M433 looks to be almost exactly the same as the popular MAC 217 brush, which is a great small blending brush that I use every day, so I thought I’d try out the Morphe version. I bought the M510 brush because ya girl needed a new highlighting brush (and Jeffree Star uses this one)!

Just one little side note: look at that shipping cost! $12.75?! Kills me every time I order from Morphe. The 25% off sale basically just gave me free shipping. 25% off my purchase was $14 off… *insert eye roll*

Wet n Wild (30% off)

MegaGlow Highlighting Palette $14.99 -> $10.49

MegaGlow Highlighting Powder $4.99 -> $3.49 each


The Sweetest Bling, Lilac to Reality, Blossom Glow, Botanic Dream, Golden Flower Crown

  • Ordered on Friday, Nov. 25

  • Shipped on Tuesday, Nov. 28

  • Shipped via FedEx Smart Post: 5-10 business days

  • Arrived on Thursday, Dec. 14

Okay, I probably didn’t need to buy almost ALL the different shades of this highlighter. But, at 30% off Wet n Wild’s already crazy low prices, how can anyone resist?! I think I bought all of them except two shades (Crown of My Canopy and Royal Calyx) and I already have the shade Precious Petals. Looking at them now, I definitely didn’t need to buy all of them omg. Even though they are all slightly different, I’m sure the similar toned shades won’t look that different on the skin and after being blended out – like all the pink-toned shades won’t really look much different when I put them on.

A note on shipping: the shipping was free so I can’t really complain, but this baby took a while to get to me. 12 business days is not that far off from their estimate of 5-10 business days, but it’s something to keep in mind if you need your order quickly.

Ofra Cosmetics (40% off)


L-R: Blissful, Rodeo Drive, NikkieTutorials Glow Goals


Rodeo Drive Highlighter $35 -> $21,

  • Ordered on Thursday, Nov. 24

  • Shipped on Friday, Nov. 25

  • Shipping cost: $2.95

  • Shipped via USPS First Class 7-14 business day

  • Arrived NEVER

Blissful Highlighter (and another Rodeo Drive Highlighter) $70 -> $42,

  • Ordered on Friday, Nov. 25

  • Shipped on Tuesday, Nov. 28

  • Shipping cost: $2.95

  • Shipped via FedEx SurePost - order confirmation said USPS, but the label on the box said FedEx, so hmmm....?

  • Arrived on Saturday, Dec. 2

Bonus: NikkieTutorials Glow Goals Highlighter ($15 off with coupon they sent me) $35 -> $20

  • Ordered on Wednesday, Dec. 6

  • Shipped on Thursday, Dec. 7

  • Shipping cost: $2.95

  • Shipped via USPS First Class

  • Arrived on Friday, Dec. 8 (YES THAT’S RIGHT)

LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES. These are my first ever Ofra products and as you can see, I HAD to try them as soon as they arrived – I didn’t even care about taking photos of them first. I don’t want to give my opinion on these highlighters away too much because I plan to do a full review on them, but spoiler alert… I am not disappointed.

Excuse my language, but WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH OFRA’S SHIPPING?! My very first order, placed on November 24th still has not arrived!! And it is December 21st today. But, my last order, placed on December 6th, arrived in TWO DAYS. Like, what the actual fuck, really. The first order was actually meant to be a Christmas gift, and with 4 days left until Christmas, who knows if I’ll get it in time.  I completely do not understand why a company does not have a protocol they follow for standard shipping. The two boxes that I did receive were sent via different shipping methods. Like…why? It really boggles my mind that the company obviously does not have standards in place in their warehouse that employees are choosing any shipping method that their heart desires. If any of you can shed some light on why a company may purposely choose to send boxes using different methods to the same exact address, please let me know because I’m one confused girl right now.

Edit: Right after first writing this, I contacted customer service at Ofra about my first order that never arrived. It seems that it was lost in transit... :( The representative was very kind and will be sending me a replacement, at no charge. Good job, Ofra! I have no hard feelings now, but wanted to keep the above paragraph in the post so you could feel the turmoil I was going through.

Bonus: Sephora $20 off $50 coupon

  • Ordered on Dec. 3

  • Shipped on Dec. 4

  • Shipped via USPS 3-Day Priority Mail

  • Arrived on Dec. 10

  • Total: $80 -> $60

Stila Eye for Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set $45

L-R: Shimmer and Glow: Kitten, Grace Twig; Glitter and Glow: Smoldering Satin, Peachy Sheen, Next to Notte

I bought these because I absolutely love the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows and this set has 3 new shades and 3 shades of their new Shimmer & Glow Liquid Shadows, which have not even been released for individual sale yet. (Okay I lied, they’re on Sephora now, but at the time I bought this they weren’t!) One of the Glitter and Glow shadows cost $24, so even though the bottles in the set are a smaller size, you’re getting 6 shades for $45. It's a $72 value. Good deal!

The rest of my order was a Christmas gift and I actually wrapped it before I took these photos, but the important thing is I got $20 off my purchase of $80. So, if you’re a VIB at Sephora, look out for a coupon like this around the beginning of December!

Sephora always has amazing shipping. No complaints at all. My boxes always arrive even faster than I expect them to. Hands down, Sephora has the best shipping of  all the makeup companies I’ve ordered from.

And that's it for this post, guys! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have tried any of these products. I would love to know what you think of them! Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading, until next time. <3


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