October Instagram Snaps


Hi, friends! Another month gone means another Instagram round-up! To be honest, I didn't really do anything really fun during the month of October because it was my first full month of working full-time since I moved back home from Japan, so I didn't have much energy to do anything else. I only posted 10 photos in October (so one got the boot) and most of them were throwbacks. 4 of them were from when Justin was here and one was even from April when I was still living in Japan. (I'm over here scraping content from where ever I can!) 

The only exciting thing about October was my birthday! Actually, it was my entire family's birthday! Can you believe that my dad, my mom, and my brother were all born in October, too? AND the date their birthdays add up to mine. 3+5+9=17! It's so crazy! 

As we begin November, I am really getting excited for the holidays! The food, spending time with family, Justin is coming to visit again, and all of the holiday sales! (Sephora's VIB Sale starts on 11/10, for anyone that needed a reminder!) What gets you the most excited during the holidays?