Jaclyn Hill Palette - Review and Swatches

Hi, friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week and a wonderful October so far! It was my birthday earlier this week! I just turned a quarter of a century old—I can’t believe I’m already 25!

I know I’m SUPER late on this, but today I’ll be talking about the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe Brushes and giving you guys some of my initial thoughts on the palette, as well as swatching all of the shades.

I know this palette was released back in June, but it sold out so quickly! And I missed every restock they did until this very last one. Living in Hawaii sucks sometimes because when they do morning releases, it’s REALLY early here and I can’t be bothered waking up for it LOL.

Some information on the palette:

It retails for $38 on morphebrushes.com and you get 35 shades.

The net weight of the entire palette is 1.98 oz./56.2 g, so each pan is about 0.057 oz./1.61 g. Other 35-shade Morphe palettes cost a lot less, but when Jaclyn first released the palette, she talked about how she was very particular about how the shadows were made to ensure high quality, which is the reason for the higher price.

But, at $38 for 35 shades, that’s about $1.09 per shade! That’s still an amazing price point.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the palette!


Just from the first images I saw and now seeing it in person, I absolutely love the shade range in this palette. There are so many different shades, from warm tones to cool tones, and neutral shades to bold shades that you really can do any type of look with this palette.

A lot of staple matte shades to use in the crease for transitions and blending are also included, which really makes this palette a one-stop palette—you don’t need to reach for anything else.

Now, here are the swatches! I took photos in two types of light to try to give you guys a good indication on how they look in person.

First row, L-R

First row, L-R

I am loving the first row so much! The first two shades are satin shades, so they're not really matte and not really shimmer, but somewhere in the middle. These satin shades are great because they blend out like a matte, but can also be great for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone without the glitter of a shimmer. 

Second row, L-R

Second row, L-R

Lots of warm tones in the second row! All of these shades are right up my alley. And look at that pigment! The last shade covered my tattoo entirely!

Third row, L-R

Third row, L-R

How beautiful is this row?! This is the perfect row to create fall looks and those shimmers are to die for! And again with pigment! The last shade covered my tattoo again!

Fourth row, L-R

Fourth row, L-R

Look at those purple shades! It's so funny because I used to always gravitate towards purple shades, but I haven't done a purple look in so long! I'll definitely need to revisit my purple obsession with these shades. 

Fifth row, L-R

Fifth row, L-R

I was most excited about this row and especially those teal shades because they are totally out of my comfort zone! I haven't played around with fun teal shades EVER, and I don't even own any, so I am so excited to start being more creative with these shades. 

One thing I am disappointed about is that I didn't receive the little card insert with the shade names in my palette! So, I have no idea what the names of each shade are and I can't reference them in my blogs! :( It's not the end of the world, but I was disappointed when I opened the box and it wasn't in there. 


I own a few Morphe palettes and I can honestly say that I see a huge increase with the quality from their other palettes to this one. All of these shades are so creamy that some of them almost feel wet to the touch—especially the shimmer shades.

As you can see from the swatches above, the matte shades are a little patchier than and not as smooth as the shimmer shades, but that’s normal and totally to be expected. Plus, the main thing is that they blend out well on the eye!

All of the shades, especially the mattes, have a bit of fallout, but that’s a good thing. A bit of fallout means that it’s pigmented. You don’t want the shadows to be pressed so tightly that there isn’t any color payoff.

We all heard about the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Subculture Palette controversy, right? The general consensus is that those shadows were not pressed hard enough, so they had a ton of fallout. And, they were so pigmented that they were hard to work with. With all that being said, the Jaclyn Hill Palette shadows have that perfect consistency, where they are both pigmented and really easy to blend. 


I’ve been using this palette every day for the past week, and like all eyeshadow palettes, the pigmentation when applying the shadows with a brush is less than the swatches because you’re blending them and diffusing the color with the brush.

Don’t let that turn you away, though! The shadows can be built up very nicely and it’s always easier to build up color than to put down too much and try to blend it out.

BUT, the shimmer shades are totally true to the swatches when packed on with a packing brush or a finger. And I am just living, breathing, and dying for all of the shimmer shades! They are all so gorgeous!

And that’s it for this post! If you have this palette, I’d love to hear what you think of it and I’d also love to see some of the looks you’ve created! I always need makeup inspo. Who else gets stuck in a rut of always doing the same types of looks? I know I sure do!

If you don’t have this palette and want to purchase it, it’s currently sold out on morphebrushes.com, but I'm sure they'll do another restock and I heard it'll be available at Ulta soon! If you do make a purchase from the Morphe website, be sure to find a discount code to save some cash, lots of youtubers have affiliate codes for Morphe.

EDIT 11/13/18: It is available on both the Morphe website and at Ulta! It’s been over a year since I wrote this review and it’s still one of my favorites!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Until next time. <3


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