What's In My Bag?


Hi, friends! A fellow blogger friend recently did a "What's In My Bag?" post that I really enjoyed reading, so I decided to do one of my own! Who knew seeing what other people carry in their bag could be so interesting?! I absolutely LOVE purses. Recently, I've been trying to be good and not purchase any new purses, but there are a handful that are on my wish list! I've always been one to use really big purses, even if it's barely filled—you never know when you need to carry something unexpectedly! In this post, I will show all of you what I carry on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's a run to the market or a day full of shopping, these things are always in my purse.


My bag. <3 Isn't she beautiful? This is the Monogram Tivoli GM by Louis Vuitton and I absolutely LOVE it. It's very spacious to fit everything I could possibly want to carry around. The straps can conveniently be adjusted to sit comfortably on the shoulder, which is a big plus because it doesn't have a long shoulder strap. I usually just rest it on my forearm with my arm bent or hold it in my hand, but sometimes I want my arms and hands free. So, it's great that it's versatile enough to be worn a number of different ways.


The most important thing in my purse is my wallet! This is the Damier Ebene Long Origami Wallet by Louis Vuitton. It is very close to my heart as it's my first Louis purchase. Years ago, I asked my parents and relatives to give me cash for Christmas, instead of buying me a gift, to help fund this purchase. There's a sad story about this wallet, though. Not even a month after I bought it, the team van (my University's van) was broken into while we were at golf practice. My whole team always left our school bags in the van because most of the time, we went to practice right after class. Only the bags that were near the front of the van got stolen, and mine was one of them! :( I bawled my eyes out about having my bag stolen (mostly because of my brand new wallet), so my sweet mama bought me a new one. <3 I've bought other wallets since then, but I always come back to this one. It's definitely my favorite.


How cute is this little LeSportsac pouch?! This was gifted to me many, many years ago by a relative and I've been using it ever since! It's the perfect size to hold all of my necessities. In the pouch, I always carry a little bottle of Advil, my foundation compact, whatever lip product I'm wearing that day, and back-up feminine products (not pictured, to keep things a bit discreet LOL). I also like to carry around small bandages and hand wipes in this pouch, but I used them recently and forgot to replace them.


Phones and keys. I carry two phones because one is old that I only use to play music in my car. My current phone is the one with the marble case that has my name on it. I bought it from Hanogram.com if anyone is wondering! They do super cute personalized phone cases. Highly recommend! The other phone is my Japanese phone, which I didn't unlock before moving back home, so I couldn't use it with an American phone carrier. :( The floral case is from Daimaru, a department store in Japan, and I still love it! I wish it fit the iPhone 7.

The Supreme keychain was bought at the Supreme Harajuku store back in 2011. Is it vintage, yet? Maybe I can sell it for a ton of money when it is, haha. There's a bottle opener on there because, you know, beer. That green thing is a key for the ball machine at the driving range near my house. Money can be loaded onto it and it can be used to purchase balls. Then there's my car key, house key, post office key, and that's it!


Ooooh, them sunnies. I wear sunglasses everywhere and I'm a total fanatic. This is my current favorite pair, Kaiser 01 by Gentle Monster. I bought it in Korea and it's a crazy popular Korean brand, though also available in the US. Other than this style, they have really trendy, innovative, and sometimes, outlandish styles available. Read more about this brand in my Korea blog on Gangnam.


The last item in my bag is my portable phone charger. I think everyone knows the soul-crushing feeling when your phone dies and you have nowhere to charge it. It's happened to me way too many times, so now I carry one of these bad boys around. This one is really big and heavy, but it stores 4 full charges worth of power and it charges my phone really quickly, so it's worth the extra weight in my purse.

And that's it, guys! Thank you all for reading and don't forget to show ya girl some love with a like and comment. :) I love reading all of your posts and getting inspiration on what to post in the future from all of you, so please leave a link to your blog and I will check it out. Until next time. <3