ColourPop Eyeshadow Haul + First Impressions


This is my first time trying out ColourPop Cosmetics! I've heard so many great things about this brand from people just raving about how great the quality is for such an inexpensive price. Every eyeshadow is only $5! I bought 4 pressed powder shadows and 7 of their Super Shock shadows, which was me restricting myself. They have so many shades, all at such an affordable price, it was so hard not to buy more! I'm so excited to try these out and share my thoughts with all of you. <3

Individual Pressed Powder Shadows (0.05 oz/1.5g)
Come and Get It - duochrome rose with a gold flip
Soft Core - matte warm pink
Flowerboy - matte hot peachy pink
Fair Play - matte hot pink

When you buy 4 pressed powder shadows or pigments, you get a free empty palette to store them in. Yay free stuff! Flowerboy and Fairplay were on sale for $4 each, so the cost to make my own palette was the same as the cost of their pre-made palettes. BUT, right now, for a limited time, ALL pressed powder shadow palettes are on sale for $12!! Go get it!

Before talking about the shadows, I just want to mention that my empty palette was dirty when I opened my box. It looked as if someone that had makeup on their hands packaged my box really hastily. I wiped most of it off but still, how rude.

Formula: They are a lot more pigmented than I expected! Even after hearing great reviews, with a $5 price tag, I still didn't expect them to have as much color payoff as they do. They are pretty soft shadows, which made them really easy to blend on my arm. I haven't tried them on my eyes yet, but hopefully the colors don't blend out too much. You know how sometimes you put on eyeshadow and it looks really pigmented and then it blends out to practically nothing? I'm hoping that doesn't happen with these. The shadows are also pretty creamy, which makes me think there won't be a lot of fallout. Yay!

I'm also super happy with the colors I chose. I don't know how often I'll use Fair Play, but I can definitely see myself use the other 3 all the time. Come and Get It looks especially beautiful, I think it'll look amazing on the lid.

Zingara - Super Shock Shadows Foursome (4 x 0.07 oz/2.1g)
Jinxie (Pearlized) - soft gold
Paradox (Satin) - warm burgundy red
Elixir (Matte) - terracotta
Seeker (Matte) - warm reddish brown

These colors are absolutely to die for! Paradox and Elixir are especially gorgeous. I love me a good terracotta shade and I've been using a lot of burgundy shades recently. This foursome actually reminds me a lot of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, which is my go-to palette right now.

Individual Super Shock Shadows
Keeper (Matte) - deep fuschia
Static (Satin) - deepened burgundy
Drift (Satin) - true cranberry

I am IN LOVE with Drift. I don't have any real cranberry shades in my eyeshadow collection so I'm super excited to try it out. The other two colors don't scream WOW to me, but they seem versatile enough for me to get some use out of them. Static actually has more of a burgundy tone than can be seen in the photo (which makes it a lot better than it looks in the photo). I can totally see myself using Static on the outer corners to deepen up a look.


The Super Shock Shadows are made with a unique crème shadow formula and a bouncy texture. I have to admit I was shocked when I swatched them (pun totally intended hehe). I really didn't expect them to be SO CREAMY. It even made me think twice about how I'm supposed to apply it. I'm guessing fingers would be best, or a synthetic brush, then blending it with a blending brush after it's applied. And being that it's so creamy, I'm expecting zero fallout.

AND GIRL THE PIGMENT. All of my swatches are just one swirl on the shadow and just one swipe on my arm. LIKE DAMNNN WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT HAPPENING IN THESE SHADOWS?! On every box, "Keep the magic in. Close jar tightly after use." is printed. So, I'm guessing it dries up after a while. And that means you can't depot them and put it into a Z palette to save space, which is unfortunate since the packaging is a bit bulky for the size of the pan.

The website claims these are long-wearing and I can already attest to that. I used a makeup remover wipe to take them off and it wasn't super easy. Definitely harder to take off than the pressed powder shadows. They stay put! I'm loving the idea that my eyeshadow will look just as good at the end of the day as it did when I first put it on.

And that's it, guys! I'm super excited to create new looks with these shadows and share those with you. I'd love to hear your experiences with ColourPop shadows and thank you for reading. :)

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