Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination


Nabana no Sato (なばなの里) was easily one of our top must-see places to go to during our trip. Located on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana, Mie, it is one of Japan's best winter illuminations (probably the best). Throughout the year, Nabana no Sato is home to numerous types of flowers, which change as frequently as every week. Some of the notable displays include hydrangea, sakura (cherry blossoms), tulips, and dalias. From November to mid-March, the entire park is turned into a massive light show with lights covering the lake, two tunnels filled with lights, and an "aurora," which is the main light show (which runs for about 7 minutes!!). There is a different theme every year and this year, I believe it was Mother Nature.

Strolling through the park at night is so romanticallll~~ We went in the middle of winter, which meant it was pretty damn cold, but nonetheless, it was amazingggg. There is also a little ride that costs ¥500, which takes you up above the park grounds and allows you to view all the light displays from a bird's eye view.

It costs ¥2300 to get in, but you get a ¥1000 coupon to spend on omiyage (souvenirs) or at restaurants within the park. We spent it on some omiyage goodies (snacks) since we spent too long looking at the lights that the restaurants closed before we were done.

Didn't Justin do an amazing job on those lake photos?!

The first tunnel was soooo beautiful! It's so long and magical, we stayed in there forever. Music is also playing as you stroll through!

The lights were tiny little flowers!

After the tunnel, you enter the main display area. You can watch from below, right in front of it, or there is a two level viewing area with places to sit and hot food and beverages to purchase. We perched on the second story for a while, where we watched the light show through a few times.

After the main display area, there is another tunnel! In this tunnel, the lights change colors and the lights are little leaves.

All photos taken by my lovely boyfriend, Justin. Except the one of him. I took that. :)

From the ride that takes you above the park:



There are many ways to get to Nabano no Sato from major cities like Osaka and Nagoya, but we were in Nagoya at the time, so we went from there.

From Nagoya Station: JR Line or Kintetsu Line to Nagashima Station (both lines toward Yokkaichi) JR Line: ¥320, 25 minutes Kintetsu Line: ¥400, 22 minutes

Then, from Nagashima Station: Kintetsu Nagashima Eki Mae Bus Stop to Nabana no Sato Bus Stop (direct bus): ¥220, 8 minutes

Admission Fee: ¥2300, includes ¥1000 voucher to use within park Hours: 9:00 to 21:00 (22:00 weekends and holidays)