Rottnest Island, Western Australia


No, guys. I didn't go to Australia. I wish! This was written by my lovely Aussie boyfriend, Justin. :)

Rottnest Island is a 19 square kilometer island off the coast of Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia. It is a popular holiday destination with many beaches and is most famous for the presence of quokkas, a small marsupial that is native to Rottnest Island.

There are a minimal number of cars that are on this island, so the best way to see as much of the island as you can is by bike or by tour bus. If hiring a bike, you will be given a wristband to wear that lets authorities know that you are allowed to ride a bike on the island. It’s also against the law to ride a bike without a helmet so you’ll have to keep your helmet and wristband on when riding a bike.

If you are keen to just chill by the beach and do some swimming and snorkeling, one of the most popular beaches to go to is The Basin as it is close to the port and can accommodate plenty of people. There are plenty of other great beaches to relax at too – some tiny and some large. You will be able to find a quiet beach if you venture out further on the island.

Quokkas are most famously known for their selfies. They’re always smiling and are so God damn cute! They can be found everywhere throughout the island. It may take a while to get them to look at the camera but the selfie is definitely worth it.


Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring plenty of fluids! Most of the shops are at the port so load up on water and bring some food if you decide to ride around the island. More information about Rottnest Island and what you can do there can be found on


Ferry from one of three ports:

  1. B-shed in Fremantle

  2. Northport

  3. Barrack St. in Perth

You will have to pre-book your tickets online at

 where you can also hire snorkeling gear, a bicycle and a variety of day tours and activities for your trip to Rottnest Island.

Costs (all in AUD):

Ferry: $30.00 - $41.00, depending on the day

Admission fee: $18.00

Bicycle: Adult: $30.00/day, Child: $20.00/day

Snorkeling gear: $20.00/day


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