Makeup Look: Morphe Brushes 35N & 35P Palette


Hi, guys! I've decided to try to do more makeup looks for my blog, since makeup is something I really enjoy doing. Posting about it also pushes me to try to create different looks because every time I do my makeup, it always ends up looking really similar to the last time! With this look, I tried to use more pinks and lighter shades, although I still ended up gravitating to my favorite dark purple shades. This was totally experimental for me so the order that I applied my eyeshadow may not make a lot of sense, but I'll list exactly what I did. I hope you all enjoy!


Face: (applied in this order)



  • Morphe Brushes 35P Palette :

  • Morphe Brushes 35N Palette:

Morphe 35N.png

To prime my eyelids, I used the NARS concealer (mentioned above).

  1. All over lid: 35P top left corner shade.

  2. In crease: 35N 2nd row, 5th from the left shade; 35N 3rd row, 1st from the left shade (a bit lower than first color); 35P top row, middle shade (over second color).

  3. Outer 1/3 of lid: 35N 4th row, 1st from right shade. Applied on the outer corner and blended inward.

  4. Middle of lid: 35N 2nd row, 5th from left shade.

  5. Inner corner: 35P 2nd row, 1st from the left shade.

  6. Lower lash line: 35N 4th row, 1st from right shade; a bit of 35N 2nd row, 5th from left shade (more in the middle and towards the inner corner).

Morphe Brushes 35P Palette | Morphe Brushes 35N Palette

That's all for this look! I hope to do more looks in the future that are different than what I'm used to, so please leave a comment with any suggestions or ideas! :)


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