Tojinbo Cliffs, Fukui

From Kanazawa, we took a day trip to Tojinbo (東尋坊) in Fukui, a one kilometer stretch of basalt cliffs along the Sea of Japan. The cliffs are a unique geological formation that can be seen in only three places in the world and nowhere else in Japan.

It is known to be a popular suicide spot amongst Japanese people, as visitors are able to walk right up to the edges of the cliffs, and is supposedly named after a monk who fell to his death along the cliffs.

The street leading up to the cliffs is lined with restaurants, food stands, souvenir shops, and tons of soft cream shops. We got black sesame soft cream and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


From Fukui Station: Echizen railway to Mikuniminato Station, 50 minutes, ¥770. Then, take a bus to Tojinbo, 5 minutes, ¥190. (Or, you can walk there from Mikuniminato Station. We did, and I think it took us about half an hour.)

Eating my favorite! Curry!