Adulting Update, Month 3 (Week 14)

It's been a little over 3 months of adulting now, and I'm finally starting to see my savings grow! It's tough to see progress when I get paid so little and only once a month. The progress is pretty much only seen on the day I get paid, when I update my bank book. If the balance after my company deposits my pay is more than the balance it was on the previous month's pay day, I'm saving money! This month's pay day (November 14) was the first time it was a significant gain. Go Liana!

My "Don't Fucking Touch" savings is up to ¥48,000 after last Sunday, and after this Sunday, it'll be ¥52,200! That's pretty freaking good. I put in an additional ¥10,000 a few weeks ago because my lovely Aunty and Uncle gave me an early Christmas present. My next payment is ¥4,200, which is kind of a lot for me to be setting aside every week, especially considering I don't even spend that much on groceries in a week. I'm definitely missing that money from my wallet every week, it makes me feel like I'm spending money because it's no longer in my wallet. But, then I open my box and it's like, "WOW!! So much cash in there!" With just a little more than 4 weeks until my winter trip, I'll definitely be glad I've been putting aside extra money every week and it won't feel like such a big expense at the time because I'm already treating this money as a weekly expense. I'll have ¥66,000 set aside by the time of the trip and that'll probably cover a good portion of my food expenses.

My only major purchase in the last month has been a sofa couch/bed, which cost me about ¥30,000. And it has been more than worth it. It's been so much better sleeping on something that actually resembles a bed rather than a futon that's a few inches off the floor. I should've bought it a long time ago, like maybe when I first moved to Japan.

I took a trip with my family to Okinawa a few weeks ago, but I only had to pay for my flight, thanks to my mama, and I purchased the tickets before I even started adulting. My mama paid for the hotel, food, and everything else, so it was almost a free trip for me! My trip actually helped my expenses a bit because not only did she pay for everything while I was there, she also gave me extra money before I came back home. Thanks Mama! :) And my family gave me all of their loose change before they left, which added up to over ¥6,000! Thanks family. :)

It was pretty interesting to analyze my expenses in the last month (since October 24). Including the extra money my mom and family gave me and not including any transportation expenses or rent, I'm down only about ¥50,000. And that's including the sofa bed! So, without that, I'm only down about ¥20,000 in the last month. Crazy! I've been really frugal, my friends back home are probably shocked out of their minds right now LOL.

Here's a breakdown of my expenses in the last month:

  • Clothes: ¥10,467

  • Food (restaurants/bars, groceries, snacks included): ¥18,222

  • Makeup: ¥4,860

  • Phone: ¥8,609

Total: ¥42,158

Yeah, the extra money helped a lot. :) But still, ¥42,158 in the last month?! Pretty damn good, if you ask me.