Thank You Cards for my Students

Over the past two weeks, I've been busy working on Thank You cards for all of my students (well, most of my students). My last classes are approaching quickly and I want to give them something as a token of my appreciation for their hard work, and to remember me by—I'd like them to remember me as being nice. :)

I teach at three schools, but I'm only giving cards to the students at two of my schools. Shhh, don't tell the third school. Within those two schools, I teach a total of 13 classes on a regular basis and with about 40 kids in each class, that's about 520 cards I had to make... Last year, I made cards for all three of my schools, which was about 900 kids. I was a bit less ambitious this year.

I got most of my materials from Daiso (yay ¥100 store!). Only a few rolls of washi tape came from Tokyu Hands, but it was still inexpensive. The materials I used are: blank index cards, colored cardstock, washi tape, pre-cut decorated/colored strips of paper (they're meant to be used for making paper chains), and stick glue. I hand-wrote everything, including a short message on the back of each card that reads: "Thank you for such an awesome year! Best of luck in the future!"

It was a lot of work and super time-consuming. I used all of my free time that I had at school and maybe an average of 3 hours a day at home. And it still took me a little over two weeks to finish them all. These kids better appreciate! Nah, it's worth it. :)