Adulting Update, Week 1


It has been exactly a week since I've started this adulting thing. And even though it has only been a week, I think I have made some progress!

Here are some of the changes I've made, or things I've started:

  1. I've started this "Don't Fucking Touch" savings box, where I literally put money into a box in my apartment. And yes, I put a big label on it that says, "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH." This would be the same as creating another savings account, in which I'd add money to periodically. I know what you're thinking, I should keep the money in the bank so it earns interest. Well, looking at my current bank book, I earn VERY little interest on my savings. I don't quite remember what kind of account I set up here when I first arrived (because everything was, and still is, all in Japanese!!), and opening a bank account in Japan is a process that I'd like to not have to go through again. Thus, I came to the conclusion of just putting away some money on the side. If I were to leave this money in my current savings account, I wouldn't be able to keep track of it well and I'd most likely spend it. I plan to put money into this box every week and increase the amount by ¥200 (about $2) every week. Last week I put ¥1,400 in, this week I will put in ¥1,600, next week I will put in ¥1,800, and so on. Looking into the future, at the end of week 20, I will have ¥66,000 in this box. And at the end of week 35 (roughly about the time I plan to leave Japan), I will have ¥168,000 in this box.The sole purpose of this box is to ensure I don't spend this money. I'm planning to go on a trip during the winter holidays, so maybe this money can go towards funding that.

  2. I've stopped buying bottled water. As another part of this adulting thing, I've been making a huge effort in drinking more water. I know I don't normally drink nearly enough water, so I've been consciously trying to drink 2 liters of water every day. I'm going to estimate and say that a 2-liter bottle of water costs around ¥100. I think at a convenience store it may be a bit more, and at a supermarket it may be a bit less, but for the purpose of my calculations, I will estimate the cost. With that being said, if I drink one of those a day, in one week I'd spend ¥700 on it. And in a month (4.5 weeks), I'd spend ¥3,150 on it. It's not a lot of money, but every little bit counts when you're a broke girl like me! So, I've been boiling tap water then cooling it, making it safe to drink, to use as my drinking water. This has been a fairly easy change for me since I boil water to make hot tea every day, anyway.

Update on my predictions:

  1. Did most of my spending occur at restaurants/bar? No, not at all. In fact, in the past week, I haven't eaten at a restaurant or gone to a bar, at all. This whole budgeting thing might even lead to healthier lifestyle choices.

  2. Was makeup my next biggest expense? Well, for last week, it was THE biggest expense I had. I splurged on a new primer from Bobbi Brown (Vitamin Enriched Face Base), that cost me ¥11,340. But, even though it was a lot to spend at once, on one item, I think it's okay because it's a 1.7 oz (48 g) jar, which will last me a hell of a long time. My last jar was 1 oz (28 g) and it lasted me about 4 months. Over time, makeup may be one of my biggest expenses, but on a weekly, or even monthly basis, it's definitely not. It'll be interesting to see how much I spend on makeup after 2 months, or so.

  3. Have I gotten annoyed with logging every transaction yet? Most definitely not! So far, I find it pretty fun. Maybe the nerd in me is coming out. However, I spent most of last week at home, so maybe when I start teaching every day again (which is in two days, unfortunately), it'll become annoying.

  4. Did I spend on shit I don't need? I can proudly say that I did not spend any money at all on shit I don't need. I think this whole process is just making me more aware of every purchase I make.