Amazing Japan #1: Everyone Has Their Shit Together


[This will be the start of a series of posts I will write documenting things that amaze me about Japan, good and bad. They will most likely all be fairly short posts, as I probably will write about only one thing at a time. And they'll all be pretty surface level observations, as I will be writing them spontaneously. I hope it's entertaining!]  

It really seems like everyone in Japan has their shit together. Every morning, I am surrounded by perfectly put together people on the train. They probably leave their house at the exact same time, take the exact same footsteps, get on the exact same car on the train, and walk out of the same exit, every day, without breaking a sweat, literally. And for women, IN HEELS and a pencil skirt. As I observe my surroundings while standing in the train, I'm just happy that I made it there after busting my ass to get from my place to the station as fast as I could (in flats, NOT HEELS), while fanning myself with my hand, hoping my makeup hasn't melted off my face too much.

I'm particularly amazed at the women I see every morning. Most of them are carrying more shit than I am, dressed more nicely than I am, wearing more layers than I am, wearing heels, some of them probably have to send their kids off to school (that means preparing breakfast and shit), and they still look like they have all of their shit together. Not even breaking a sweat. HOW DO THEY DO IT?! Please let me in on your secrets, women of Japan. I have never ever seen a woman look like a frantic hot mess in Japan, even in the heat of summer. Women power-walk past me on the sidewalk in 4+ inch heels. Women ride their bikes in pencil skirts and stilletos. Teach me your ways, please.

I won't say much about the men. I'll just say that I have never seen more people wearing a plain black suit with a white shirt, in one place at the same time, than I do every morning on the train. In 75+ degree weather.