Nara (奈良市), Nara (奈良県)


Deer. Temples. And that's basically Nara. Deer roam around freely, as messengers of the gods in Shinto religion, of Todai-ji (東大寺), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photos from my trip to Nara include deer at Nara Park (奈良公園), Todai-ji (東大寺), Kofuku-ji (興福寺), and Kasuga Shrine/Kasuga-taisha (春日大社).

During my stay in Nara, I used Airbnb and was able to stay in a traditional Japanese house and learn about Japanese culture from the lovely hosts. If you're looking for a place to stay in Nara, check out Airbnb! They have great listings that are often less expensive than staying at a hotel and that offer a unique experience. Get ¥3,664 (or the equivalent in your country's currency) off your first booking by clicking here and using my referral code. :)





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