Korea: Misc photos & thoughts


My trip to Korea was definitely way too short. I was only there for 4 days and while I didn't venture anywhere other than Seoul, that was not nearly enough time to even cover Seoul. We did so much and walked through so many areas in the 3 days my cuzzy was with me, but I'd like to go back and just kick back in certain areas. So I can really enjoy the atmosphere without a time constraint. Like how I just hang out in Osaka now, I'd love to be able to go back to Korea and do that. On my last day in Korea, while I was all by myself, I just went back to Myeongdong to do more shopping. I actually went back to Myeongdong Kyoja for lunch again LOL that bibimkooksu was to die for.


OH I have to talk about egg bread. On our first two mornings, our breakfast was egg bread from a street food stall. We were lucky enough that there was one super near our hotel. I hadn't really heard much about it before getting to Korea, but Chels had and that was one of the foods she really wanted to eat there. So the bread part is pretty similar to cornbread and an egg is cracked into the batter. And it cooks. That's pretty much it. BUT IT'S SO AMAZING. It's amazing because the sweetness from the cornbread-like bread and the saltiness from the egg works in such perfect harmony. And the egg is cooked perfectly, I was worried it was like really soft and the yolk would drip out when I bit into it, but not at all, it was soft, but not overcooked.

Posting this gem from a food stall in Myeongdong again

The food stall we went to sold an egg bread for only 1,000 won! So cheap, especially since we saw it being sold in Myeongdong for 2,000 won.


I also had taiyaki (don't know what it is in Korean). Basically, bread stuffed with azuki beans (also don't know what this is in Korean. or English.. red beans?) in the shape of a fish! Three for 1,000 won! I may be a bit biased since I live in Japan, but I think the Japanese version is better. Firstly, the Japanese version is bigger (strange, right? in the land of small things, they actually have something that's bigger). And the Korean version is crispy. The Japanese version is not.

Korean version:

Japanese version:


I took a few pics of Lee Min Ho's presence in Korea (for my mom hehe):



And of course, more of my baby SEHUNNN


Our first meal at Beer House after arriving late at night:


There's no way you'd believe me if I told you how old she really is LOLOL


More from the noms peppers spot, Han Chu.

Til next time, Seoul!!