Korea Day 3: Itaewon

Itaewon is like foreigner town. Totally foreigner town. It was weird hearing so much English around! I had to remember not to talk that much shit about people around because they could probably understand me LOL. Itaewon is known for its diverse culture, with people from all over the world walking the streets. There's even a popular joke that international residents may not know the rest of Seoul, but they know Itaewon. It's also said that the Korean people you see in Itaewon are better looking than anywhere else. I could kind of see that. Most of the Korean people I saw there definitely looked like they cared about appearance a lot. It seemed like the rich Koreans and foreigners go to Itaewon. And I think I know why... THE FOOD.

Directly behind the Hamilton Hotel, the street is lined with restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. And I've also never seen so many Irish bars in one area. If you cross the main road and walk down the side streets, it's the same way-restaurants galore. And there were a few guys making Turkish ice cream! I tried to take a picture of one, but he wouldn't let me unless I bought some.

The main reason I wanted to go to Itaewon was to find this makgeolli bar that has a shit ton of fruity fusion makgeolli. It's called MowMow (모우모우) and I first saw it on K-Style with Irene:


We actually sat at the exact same table she was sitting at! (She's a super top high fashion model, if you didn't know. Her insta: @ireneisgood https://www.instagram.com/ireneisgood/?hl=en)


I was actually...not very impressed.

First up was yuzu:


This one was pretty good, probably the best out of the three we had. The yuzu flavor was pretty faint, and so was the makgeolli flavor...

Next up was white grape:


The consistency of this one was different than the yuzu one, it was more...slushy? Whereas the yuzu was more creamy (closer to the regular consistency of makgeolli). I wasn't a fan of the white grape. It was SO SWEET. And because it was so slushy, it melts and separates. You know that feeling of when you eat candy or something really sweet, and you can feel the sugar on your teeth? Yeah, it was like that. I wonder how much makgeolli they put in these things because I couldn't taste it at all.

Last was strawberry:


Strawberry was better than white grape. Still super sweet, though. And I wouldn't say I was a fan of this one either. It was almost like a strawberry milk shake but less milky... like a strawberry milk slushy? Which is good, if that's what you want, but I guess that wasn't what I wanted haha.

Cute spot, though. They had lots of other drinks besides the fusion makgeolli, like regular makgeolli and wine. The food was Korean fusion, too. It all looked pretty noms, but we decided on bulgogi quesadillas (which wasn't as good as Kimchi Bus at Common Ground).


I would still recommend MowMow if you've never tried makgeolli before, or if you like sweet, fruity drinks. It's a cute spot and I'd imagine the atmosphere gets pretty lively during busy hours. We were there mid-afternoon so people were starting to come in as we were leaving (we were the only ones in there for a while haha). The service is not super great and I had to call over the waitress every time we wanted something. But that may just be me, coming from Japan where the service is impeccable.

Prices weren't super friendly either. The fusion makgeolli ranged from 10,000-19,000 won. 10,000 won isn't bad, but 19,000?! Daamn. And it doesn't last long or get you very drunk.

Address: 118-71 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Take the metro to Itaewon station (line 2) and use exit 1. After Hamilton Hotel, take the first right and walk up the hill. You'll come to the street filled with restaurants. Turn left and MowMow is located in a little hill alleyway on the right side of the street, near Zelen Bulgarian Restaurant.

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