Korea Day 3: Myeongdong

On our third day (and last for my cuzzy) in Korea, Myeongdong (명동) was our first stop! With the little research on Korea that I did before our trip, I had imagined Myeongdong to be like Shibuya in Japan (or maybe Shinjuku), just as I had compared Apgujeong to Ginza in my mind. First impression: Not like Shibuya or Shinjuku. How can I put it...? I don't know. I don't even know why I was comparing the two countries in the first place. I thought they'd be a lot more similar than they actually were. (Although Gangnam did remind me a lot of Osaka, the main street right off the metro.) Anyways, Myeongdong is known for being one of the biggest shopping districts in Seoul. There are several major department stores like Lotte and Shinsegae, but we didn't explore the department store area. We stuck to the other area, the one with tons of skincare shops, tons of restaurants, tons of food stalls, and tons of clothing and accessory stores. We got there fairly early, before 10 am, so many of the stores were just opening up and it wasn't crowded yet (thank god).

Animal face masks. Hilarious.

Okay, for those of you who don't know, Oh Sehun from EXO is MY BABYYYY. And his face is plastered everywhere in Korea. Dream come true. He's so handsome. LOOK AT HOW HANDSOME HE IS. That bone structure. Work of art. Inhumane, man.

New friends at the Line Friends store. (Dude, I'm glowing. Japan has done wonders for my paleness.)

We had lunch at the most noms spot ever. Myeongdong Kyoja (명동교자). We had bibimkooksu (비빔국수) and mandu (만두) and it was HEAVENLY. Best meal of the trip for sure. This place is a must-go spot while in Korea. Cuzzy had read about it beforehand and luckily, we kind of stumbled upon it. And again, luckily I can read Korean and saw it as we were walking by! And there are two locations in Myeongdong.

Heaven in a bowl.

Heaven in a tray. I was actually shocked the mandu was shaped this way, looked like dimsum to me. But I am no expert on Korean cuisine!

Heaven in a side dish. They give one kimchi per dish, so we each got our own! And unlimited refills, of course.

Deets on Kyoja:

Main restaurant:

25-2 2-ga, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Phone: +82-02-776-5348

Hours: 10:30-21:30 (closed on public holidays)

Second restaurant:

33-4 2-ga, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Phone: +82-02-776-3424

Hours: 10:30-21:30 (closed on public holidays)

Website (in English!): http://www.mdkj.co.kr/en/

Our next mission, despite how full we were from lunch, was to find soft serve!


Mission accomplished.

I had milk strawberry and Chels had green tea.

Back at the hotel, looking at this selfie:

Chelsea: "I look so brown in all of the selfies we took."

Me: "You're pretty brown in real life, too, though." LOLOL

After Myeongdong, we went to Itaewon, and Chelsea had to go to the airport. I had an additional day in Korea, so I went back to Myeongdong at night to wander more, see lights, people watch, and...drink.

There is a Honolulu Cookie Company in Myeongdong! (far left in above pic) Strange. Their shit isn't even that good. Sorry.

How cute is that Nature Republic store? And the only thing they blast is EXO, in which I had no complaints. MY BABY SEHUNNN.

And now, FOOD.

EGG BREAD OMG. SO NOMS. I highly recommend it.

So I wandered pretty far, and ended up at a restaurant/bar on the third floor of some building. Don't know the name. Just saw a sign for beer and like "bar food" so I went in. Again, I wonder if it's super unusual for a girl to walk into a bar by herself, because they were all shocked when I said it was just me. And everyone in there seemed like they were on dates... sad Liana, all by herself. They gave me a Japanese menu LOL, but that was actually much easier for me to decipher than the Korean menu. I can read Korean, but that doesn't mean I know what shit means.

They sat me next to the window all by myself... I actually enjoyed watching the people outside, though. Three of these tall beers for 10,500 won! So cheap. And they were good sized, I feel like this photo makes it look smaller than it was. I ended my night there, then realized how badly I had to use the bathroom about two minutes after I left. I stumbled my way across the street into a pretty ritzy hotel, asked the bell boy where the bathroom was (in Korean!! I was very proud of myself), then casually made my way there, was in and out, told the bell boy thanks as I left, and the next mission was to find the subway station.

I'll admit I was a bit tipsy, probably wasn't the best idea to drink that quickly (according to the bartender) by myself in a foreign country, but I made it back to my hotel safely, with no issues. I felt kind of lonely and I wanted to talk to someone so I facetimed with my bff Daniel-san for like an hour and a half LOL, what would I do without good friends.

To get to Myeongdong, take the metro to Myeongdong station (line 4) and use Exit 5. You'll see Uniqlo and that pretty Nature Republic as soon as you exit.

Things to do in Myeongdong:
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