Korea Day 2: Ewha Women's University/Sinchon

After Hongdae, we headed over to Ewha's Women's University (이화여자대학교).

[Side note: it’s actually spelled Ihwa in Korean. Why they commonly romanize it as Ewha - I don’t know.]

The area is super popular for shopping, with tons of affordable fashion stores catered towards the young crowd.

All of the streets are lined with clothes, shoes, accessories, cafes, hair salons, nail salons, and food!

Almost immediately after we stepped out of the station, I had to stop at a food stall for some dduk (떡) stuffed sausage!

We walked around for a bit, in route to the hair salon my cuzzy had an appointment to get her hair done at.

So what I learned from walking around is that if you see some expensive brands here on sale for a super affordable price, they're fake.

I saw Supreme and Pigalle shirts and sweatshirts just hanging on a roll-out rack, right on the street. Like...umm...there's no way.

Upon further inspection, yup, fake. They're pretty good fakes, though. Like no one passing you by on the street would probably notice.

While she was getting her hair done, I contemplated getting my nails done, but I decided to search for this graffiti tunnel that I read about in this article: http://www.seoulsync.com/culture/underground/graffiti-in-seoul 

I didn't even think that it could've been dangerous to go there alone, but I know how to swear in Korean so... I was okay.

The tunnel is located directly left of the cinemas (Megabox) attached to Sinchon station. It took me a while to find it without gps and I didn't realize how the alleyways of the Ewha area connect to the Sinchon area. Walked around in circles.

There's also a tagged underpass just a bit to the left of the tunnel, but I couldn't get any good pics since it was a busy time of the day with lots of cars.

I still had time to kill before my cuzzy was done with her hair so I went on a mission to find a good bar.

So this area isn't really good in the bar department. There are so many cafes and restaurants, but I wanted a bar. Like a straight up bar that I could just sit at the bar and have drunk conversations with the bartender.

I found one called Hollybeer! The sign said craft beer, so it was a no-brainer, it was calling my name!

I actually forget what kind of beer I had, some Belgian wheat, I believe. I got the strangest looks when I walked into that bar. I wonder if it's not normal in Korea for a girl to walk into a bar by herself?

Next was time for din! Yakiniks (yakiniku/korean bbq) was on the menu. In the time that I was walking around, I scoped out this yakiniks place that looked pretty good.

I was highly anticipating Korean bbq in Korea because I've had noms kbbq in Hawaii so I figured in the motherland, it must be ridiculous. It was alright, pretty much the same as the good ones in Hawaii.

I actually thought the samgyupsal (삼겹살/pork belly) was super fatty, like more than it usually is. But maybe that's just me and that's actually how it's supposed to be in Korea.

We shared a bottle of soju there and called it a night. Super long day!

Here's the deets on how to get to this area:

Ewha Women's University: Metro line 2, exits 2 and 3

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